Police Escape

Lol stop badtripping me in the forums i just want some help -.-
anyway im making a new game (the game i will finish) and the games story is like this

Last night you accidentally killed your girlfriend while drinking whiskie. As you wake up the next day you hear police
outside of your house, your objective is to find a way to escape out of your house without getting killed by the
police.After you escape the game is over, but its an escape game series so you can expect more games that will
continue this freaking story line. PEACE IN THE WORLD!
please dont make hate comments so we can all get freaking along.

Tell me your answers for these questions if you would.

1.How on earth can i declare stats at my game js
2.Suggestions on how to make the story plot more juicy.
3.How can i declare in my game js that wont be an error (which i didnt see in the choicescript into)
4.How can i declare a variable in mygame.js like the players age,stats,profession and other stuff
5.Will a game or a game series be not complete without romance? or will it just make it jucier?
6.Are you willing to help me with more problems?
7. Lastly,how can i make game parts like in the game zombie exodus which has 3 parts and will be declared a 4th part?
8. Thanks. lol

If you’re the kind of person who accidentally kills your SO due to alcohol abuse, you probably deserve to get arrested/shot by the police, if I’m honest. I would suggest that you could make the protagonist more sympathetic by having it such that they did not kill their SO and the police have the wrong person. It would then be a matter of surrendering peacefully to the cops, asking for a lawyer then explaining your side of the story to the police without accidentally incriminating yourself while you wait for the investigation to turn up exonerating evidence.

I think this game has some decent potential for being a really cool social-manoeuvring/police procedural type game. L.A. Noire but with less sexualised violence and from the point of view of one of the suspects could be a seriously cool thing. I mean, getting yelled at by Cole Phelps must be an interesting experience.

This is all just my opinion though. It’s your game, so you can do what you want.

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Yeah, I gotta agree with Canisa about making the character sympathetic, unless you want your character to be the bad guy.

If you want to make an escape game, you may even consider dropping the reader into the middle of the action. You don’t need to say why you are running from police. You wake up, police are at the door, some clues about what you did are about… now how do you escape?

All of the how to setup mygame.js are in the help files linked in the top of the forum.

In terms of writing a game in parts, it’s no special work – just naming the scenes differently is all it takes.

As for helping you with coding and such you must sadly ask someone else.
If you want ideas and suggestions I would like to help you.
And to make the plot more ‘‘juicy’’ I’d try just thinking about what you would have done if you were in such a situation, or you can just see some action moives.
Honestly I can’t really see how a romance would work in an escape game as I’m assuming you killed your only girlfriend and must constantly be on the move (unless you have a safe-house or something) maybe if the person had to flee with you it could make a romancable character.
That could also make a though future choice: ‘‘Shoot the cop detaining him/her or ditch them and run like hell?’’

Ok, I Won’t hate. O:) Besides, I don’t wanna get banned. But yea, you should definitely make the character Sympathetic, as Canisa and Person said.

I agree with JimD about dropping the reader right in the middle of the actions.

For example the PC wakes up to find themselves covered in blood and their partner murdered. The police start banging on the door, the PC panics and then tries to escape because they can’t remember if they killed him/her but either way panic and tries to flee.

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Not to be a joy killer, but the plot to this sounds the same as ‘What happened last night?’ by Kie Brooks. A Hosted Game made in ChoiceScript that you can play on this website…

That’s True, It does sound like What Happened last night?

Actually, it would be an interesting game if you wake up next to your dead SO, must escape the police while trying to find out what happened, and while you interact with other people, you recall previous interactions with them and based on those, you are either guilty or not. Of course, whether the police get you and you are convicted is something else.

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I am so not ok with the “accidentally killing your girlfriend while drinking whiskie” plot. As much as I enjoy dark games, that’s not a flavor of darkness I enjoy. On the other hand I don’t mind the protagonist being blamed for something he didn’t do as @Canisa and others have suggested.

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Maybe he did, but it wasn’t something he would ever do or he can’t remember it (like, I dunno, your soul got messed up then) (yes, unrealistic (to you)). Or you have a twin, etc.

Isn’t this like “What Happened Last Night?”

nah it wont end like what happened last night i promise.
And anyway any suggestions for a new game plot?
Im thinking of a very brutal game like if you pick this you will die in a very
horrific accident or what ever but it will be so brutal :smiley:
well anyway i didn’t get much practice before this game so dont
expect a verygood game.But how can you post a link of the game here?

Have you written and coded it or is it just a draft for now?
I’m not sure, but shouldn’t you be able to just copy/paste the link here on this thread?

I tried but it appeared like an ordinary text.Hmm maybe next time. Thanks

Make sure you have http:// at the beginning for it to be clickable.