David Klaw : The Lone Wolf


Its my first game. Hoping for some feedback.



It’s ok, you could add a bit more detail hete and there but what is kinda annoying is that you are stuck with a pre-made character and I think that most people here would like to create their own character.
But keep up the good work


thanks @port3r. Will work on it.


Pretty interesting. Bugs here and there obviously (ex: Naomi appears as {daughter} in one scene), but if you’re not over emphasizing on realism that it’s pretty fun.

EDIT: Fix the game so that battle scenes don’t drag so long (my suggestion will be to deal 20% hp per hit, or increase dmg when you have additional strength). I’ve already lost the motivation to continue after dying twice at a future route.


@Ceilando Actually you can deal 20% damage if you have right strength. Intelligence will help you predict opponent’s attack. I will also try to increase the damage.
Could you please tell me where the bug {daughter} appears?

@Ceilando, @PORT3R There are 3 endings to the game. The best one is when you become leader of the gang. Also try to get the story of the White Wolves and the Lone Wolf. Win the heart of Sophie.


Also what’s the answer to the lock in the van I’m stuck on that otherwise great game


unlock :slight_smile:


use caps


I have posted another link in WIP. It has more easier battle scenes( in the sense that damage inflicted is more). Do use it for more replay-ability or if you are finding it hard to win. Also bug {daughter} is corrected.


Is there no way to save crystal from dying. Everything I try I end up dying and when I do think she is dead she kills me.


I got the boss ending. I don’t know what to say though, not a bad game but not something I would call awesome. It’s a mixed bag.


@jcury Any suggestions on how to improve it? Should I add more choices and paths? Or should I lengthen the plot? Or should I give more decisions like opening a door, running, fighting etc.? This is my first game. I really have no idea what players are actually looking forward to in an rpg. Plz help.


Well first of all my friend make a save checkpoint. I would think making it longer and choices that matter would be good. Most of your choices are not choices but wrong and right, e.g you get killed or move forward, it doesn’t take you really on another path. I liked the fighting but it gets too long and pointless after some time, try to shorten them to 4-5 actions. Also Character development, work on that as well. You have many interesting NPC’s but they have a brief description at best and you don’t get attached to them. The concept is good but the writing needs polishing. I hope this helps. Other people can add to it or disagree with my points.


@jcury Thanks a lot. I will see what I can do. Couldn’t find how *scene_list command works. Do you know where I can find it?


no not really my friend, but maybe you can find it here?


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