Klaw :The Lone Wolf Beta Test


I have made a few changes to the game.

  1. Checkpoints have been added.
  2. The story has been expanded.
  3. Bugs have been corrected.

Hope you will give this a try.

I couldn’t edit the old thread, so had to start a new one.

It’s seems player can have more than 100% of life, strange. I have 110% after battle with, em, Ivanovsku?

And i have 150% after escape.

The thugs encircle you. You should have walked away. The gang leader barks,“He is mine.” This fight will decide your fate. You get ready to face your first test - earning respect.

I suppose it’s must look like

The thugs encircle you. “You should have walked away,” the gang leader barks." He is mine."
This fight will decide your fate. You get ready to face your first test - earning respect.

But i’m not sure, English is not my mother language.

You are not exactly made a council member yet but {leader} said

I didn’t see episode with Lily false death. Also, i didn’t see episode with planning after “weapon” warehouse.

There is also sudden jump after “call the Chief killer”

You can just make a post in your old treath and post the “new” game…

@PORT3R its showing “Permission Problem”. Could you please give some advise?

@Draakon I didn’t understand the problem regarding Lily false death, weapon warehouse and Chief killer. Could you be more specific? I will correct the other errors. Thank you.

Permission problem? Not sure how that comes…

Amith_Shaju, it’s just like there must be more story, but it’s skipped instead. I don’t know that wrong, links or story in first two, but in last case there clearly bug somewhere. I called cloaked figure “Rebecca” and aquire some broken text, followed by a normal text, but this text logically must be after conversation with figure or, at least, describing of the actions.

@Draakon Lily dies always. You will find the reason only if you try to find it. In the case of the cloaked figure, its a bug. I will look into it.
You will skip parts of the story if you make certain decisions.
And plz type the answer in CAPS.

If you are unable to recognize the figure, he/she escapes in a motorbike.