Gangs of Old Camp

Edited on September 6th:

Hopefully, “Gangs of Old Camp” will be released on September 12th. For those who can’t wait to get there hands on the game, here is a small demo of things to come.

There are a total of 8 achievements to be unlocked in the game. The first 2 are present in the demo.
Happy hunting!

I would like to thank all of you for your advice and support throughout this incredible journey.

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I beat, the inmate and befriended the old man. Yet when I call him, he says he doesn’t know me.

Btw, you can keep the same link and discussion throughout the beta.

The clues for fighting don’t come up sometimes

Why, despite picking that I’m an expert negotiator, I can’t negotiate with Jacob Scarr?

@Reborn007 , @Rebelmaiden You will need sufficient intelligence to become an expert negotiator and to see the enemies moves.

@Samuel_H_Young yeah. I was not aware that we could edit the discussion thread. Will continue with this thread.

@Tyking919 Will correct the bug. Thanks.

@Reborn007 Yes you can. There are two endings where she is alive and one where she is dead. Just try different choices. You will reach there.

@Amith_Shaju Thanks! I figured it out yesterday but there was a problem with the forums and I couldn’t edit my post :stuck_out_tongue: .

Another question, though - could you, for the purposes of beta-testing, include a button to skip over the fist fighting? Because it’s very easy to die in the game and the reason I have not finished it yet is because I find it very annoying to click my way through the fights repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game itself is interesting, but I prefer it when out of the two choices you get, one is not necessarily ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’. Meaning, I’d have liked to survive smoking those cigarettes that killed me somewhere along the way xD. And I would have liked being merely wounded when admiring Sophie, not outright killed.

Yeah I fell for the smokes too. And I agree it is frustrating clicking through the fights.

o.k. i’ll post an edited link soon.

@Rebelmaiden , @jcury I did give fair warning :))
Its not wise to admire the hostage when you are being held at gunpoint.

It’s nitpicky, but I’m not sure I like the title. There’s a famous CYOA series called Lone Wolf. It seems to me like calling it “Dave Lazer: The Star Wars.” Maybe it’s just me.

Hey now I’m stuck in the lock picking scene at the back door of the mansion and it look like it says equip but it’s not taking it

It’s damn annoying to choose to be an expert sharpshooter only for my character to shoot the hostage in the head.

@starwarsmaster Thanks for pointing it out. Actually that’s not the word I had in mind but I think I will add it.

@stsword I just wanted to imply that no one becomes an expert just by taking a few classes. You will have to make long term commitments. Prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

@Tumtum I am really no good with names. I may drop the ’ David Klaw’ bit once I make some changes to the game ( possibly customizing the protagonist).

er when you join the black panthers and rat out the mole it says something like ‘you will never be the same ma again’ lol i think its meant to be man, i like the idea of being a mother named david though

Amith – dropping the Klaw name but not the “Lone Wolf” would only worsen TumTum’s problem…

@The_Royalist1 Thanks.
@Havenstone Is ‘Lone Wolf’ really that famous? I haven’t heard of it. Will google CYOA.

@StarWarsMaster Yeah I got stuck there too , the word is not EQUIP. Google it and you will find it.