Pandillas: Las Calles (Still may change)

Demo is out!:
Stats still do not work, but chapter 1 one is finished and chapter 2 is in the works. Note that the demo is very small, at least in my perspective, but i will have small updates coming out almost everyday, due to me starting school again, and really big updates on the weekends. Also, the iguanas choice will soon be changed.

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I got a dropbox 404 error.

@Ballpython777 I am currently working on fixing that.

Alright cool looking foward to your game sounds promising :smiley:

dang i wanted to play this game so bad and then bang error 404!!!
Tell me if that one works.

It works

@Zach Alright, thanks.
As for the game, would you guys want a weekly income page where you get money and buy stuff vendetta style, or would you rather have a take over kind of style where you attack a business and take it over and as your gang progresses, ex: Progressing from a small time gang to a Gang, to Major Gang, to Crime Syndicate, etc. and getting new and better weapons and armor from progressing to the next ‘stage’.

Attack(We are gangs)

I vote for the take over style. Also, good luck on the 2nd chapter!

Attack style, this intro to the story has me wanting more!

Alright, I’ll get to work on that as soon as I get done with chapter 2. Also I plan on making this game several chapters long, as every time you advance in size and power you will go to a new chapter.

First page should be you are left crumbled on the ground not in the ground

@Mardam Thanks, I’ll fix that on tomorrows update.

On the chooseing to make your own gang recruitment method maybe some more info about what those methods are

I’m actually in favour of a mix of both, maybe have your gang takeover a business at the end of each week(if it’s available, I’m sure there’s not an infinite amount of businesses) and then in the aftermath take account of how your gang has changed over the course of the previous week if you lost anyone in the takeover(I’m guessing at higher levels there’s going to be people fighting back), what you plan to do as your gang plans the next takeover etc.
BTW are the stats fixed yet I’m curious to see what they are and also what does the title mean :-?
Oh! And did you decide to include the “Arkham City Prison” chapter I suggested :smiley:

@Mardam i will add more info tomorrow.
@Ajax 1. The take overs will be kind of a progession to the next stage, meaning the size and power of your gang. There will always be people fighting back, from the one stubborn clerk with a couple aides(?), to a fully armed gang defending(?) their bussiness. There will be a recruit new gang members every so often, not sure how often, that will help with take overs, increasing your chance of the take over and lessening the casualties on your side. 2. Stats are still not fixed, maybe tomorrow. 3. Title means Gangs: The Streets. 4. I have secided to implement the prison but it will only be available to play once you get your gang to Major Gang status.
If anyone has suggestions or bugs/typos i should fix feel free to post a comment.

Sorry for any errors in my comments or game, as english is not my first language.

Cool “Los Guerreros” for the win man!
And also no need to apologise for grammar errors everyone makes them-even in their native language-and that’s what demo’s, beta testing and forums are for,besides as long as the core gameplay and story are good that’s fine with me, I ain’t no “Grammar Nazi” Son!

i played the demo and i really enjoyed and cant wait for the next update keep up the good work :smiley: