Demon spawn: life of a hitman

OK i might be doing to much games at a time but this will progress slowly unless you guys like it more than seven swords. Me and Chasmee are working on it, i won’t tell much about the game as you can already interpret what its going to be about from the title. any ways i did not get chasemee’s permission to make this discussion but i could not hold it (sorry chasemee, hope you don’t mind) and i should mention that the idea is by chasemee so don’t give me the credit. demo will be out next week unless there is some problems

oh i forgot to say its kind of like simulation

X_X Itachi you have, Seven Swords, Red Grave, and DM and they all have only one demo out, and those need ALOT of work and you only did the start to them, starting work on a 4th is kinda hectic if you aren’t able to even finish your last 12 stories which you stopped work on after the first demo you put out…

I suffer from the same thing, I jump from Idea to idea, but Im really trying hard to change that, I started work on like 5 stories now, but I have the decency to not post a demo then leave the game never to be touched again :confused: I hate to sound like im unsupportive but Do the game or dont do it at all… you end up just cluttering CoG forum with way too many dead threads

@2Ton is right, I would only suggest doing two games so you would have the flavor of two worlds filling your mind. If you have five, then it would only clutter your mind about demos and release dates so I think it’s best to pick out two stories you want to continue and editing the stories you left behind to get your mood going. Then get back to the first two you picked out, and when you finish, then go to the rest.

@akatsuki9344 happy im better at keeping secrets :wink:

@2ton @trollhunterthethird well this game not at the top of the list right now he is waiting on me right now

i only have 3 not five…

and ok i will continue with seven swords i just can’t control it… its like a habit

@Chasemee- I bet I’m better at keeping secrets than you. :stuck_out_tongue:

@happy maybe maybe not (steps back into the shadows)

It’s cool I suffer from it, but I also notice the more human interaction you have when you share a project the less time I spend working on it, so im trying to go back to my roots of not speaking much of the forum cuz then I get swept up in what everyone else is doing and then I talk and talk about what im doing, then realize Im talking to much to do anything

yeah true i should probably make half of seven swords before i post it here again

This nigga. “I got three games and none are released, BUT I’ma tell these peeps 'bout this demo that will never come out.”

??? i do not get what you are talking about… so you are saying that a demo for this game will never come out?

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