Son of death

In this game you play as deaths son Richy, Death. you fight along side death and a few other Death Angles to fight the demons that are breaking lose from H3!! and no one has any idea how or why they are not even the devil seems to know how or why you start out going to a school to learn how to use your powers and or weapons, i could use ideas this could take me a while. if you have anything you wish to see, say it now. It takes place in a world that co-works with our own world. as always i wish to get your ideas and or feed back for it. ~O)


Seems a little…raw. First of all, your death’s son? Not the best starting point, having that much power. How about your a mage learning the magic of death?
I honestly don’t see much potential in this, but keep working on it. It may be the next CoG.
Also, think it’s possible that we create our own names other than just starting out as Richy?

Sooooo…it’s Soul Eater with you playing as Death the Kid?

Just noticed that connection.

I want to be Stein!

@Shintaro yea it’s where I got the idea I was drinking it was on but there’s going to be a bunch of differences.
@Daisuke yea I’ll add that but I do need feed back more or less if you got an idea let me know.

I don’t think it sounds too bad, perhaps a little more should be added to it. Like perhaps you’re death’s son, but you ear your abilities in levels or passing certain tests while in school and during training. In between those things you’re searching and fighting demons and the fallen who have banned together to try to take over? I don’t usually speak on forums just because I feel my ideas and what I have to say doesn’t sound very…intelligent >.> as everyone elses but here…I write A LOT and am working on a similar but extremely different story. I can’t get the hang of coding xD so no games coming from me…but id be more than willing to work with you ,if you allowed me to, on this with ideas or problems,missions, ect. :slight_smile:

@KamiiLove sure I’d be glad to hear your ideas. ~O)

If you’ll indulge me, does it have to be “SON of Death”? Couldn’t we get an option of gender? You could just call it “Child of Death”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, but it’d give us flexibility-demanding jerks a few more options. :slight_smile:

Not absolutely necessary, but you asked for ideas, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of death the kid from SOUL EATER

@HeroMaster yes, we went over that it’s fan fiction off of soul eater I dare some on to say it one more time, I dare you.

@ArchAngel950 yea I’ll think about adding that it’s going, to take time so bare with me I’m mobile for now my comps being fixed not sure when it’ll be ready so just wait.

@Daisuke there will probly be a lev up of some short but I’m not sure yet. ~O)

Sorry didn’t mean it as a bad way just saying it sounds cool that way looking forward to it

Manga or Anime version?

I only watched anime cause I’m cheap

Amen to that…dubbed or subbed? I did dubbed, and the voices were really good!

Guys I’m going to be kind of busy so all work on this is halted for now.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much to come out of this anyway.

Not insulting you, of course. Just saying that I thought nothing would come out of this for a little while.

@Zed yea well like 2-3 weeks some work nothing major.

I did both mainly cuz watching it on YouTube andnobody added a dubb version of the last episode so I watched it without subs or dubbs