Game Idea... Maybe

Hello all! I’m Seven7h or just Seven(7), and I was merely just wondering your thoughts on a game idea. By all means, tell me your honest opinions!!

So, you take the role of being an individual who has many psychological issues. And, may or not share corporeal form with a demon. You know, normal stuff. Basically, your one and only friend ever is taken by some evil force, and you, are determined to not go through this loss again, so you do the only rational thing. You begin to search for them in haste terror. You won’t go through the same feeling of utter loneliness again…

I haven’t really worked out much other than that and don’t really want to write a complete interactive novel thing and have it be grossly disliked. If you like the sound of thus far, please, tell me. If you have suggestions, tell me. If you absolutely hate it, tell me why. Thanks for taking your time to investigate this idea of mine!! :smile:


Well the base idea sounds fairly interesting.

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I’ll take that as a good sign!

Sounds like basis for every B Shooter game out there. lol

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Could you elaborate? I’m not entirely sure if this is good or bad… :sweat_smile:

What psychological issues were you thinking of the character having?


More like severely traumatizing events from their childhood and life. I’m talking brutally massacring multiple people at the age of seven, their parents selling them to various places, and basically just repeatedly losing every single person that they’ve ever cared about.

quick question: is this meant to be a horror story?

Not really, no. More like a suspense or adventure story

Attack on titan? (+1 word)

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I don’t know what that is. But any suggestions are welcome!

Its an anime, and I’m not going to spoil any more of it.

Not my cup of tea, I don’t enjoy playing blunt stupid characters who just kill people just because. However, the story could be great for many people if it’s a gory horror story. Many teens love those

I’ll probably call you Se7en, then. Do you consider yourself more of a Brad Pitt or Morgan Freeman?

I’d say Morgan Freeman by day, and Brad Pitt by night

Hey, appreciate the honesty :smile: . But I don’t intend to just kill for the sake of killing, unless the reader feels so inclined, of course.

Having to deal with such a person on a daily basis, I know that this would be very hard to write. Not only from a “perspective” of such a person but you will have a very hard time writing that avoids the many pitfalls such as stereotypes and tropes of “crazy people” …

The other aspects that you include seem much easier and doable. “psychological problems” is also very broad and I think writing about a MC with just one of the many issues is going to be hard enough.


There are a couple of WiP currently exploring related characters - I really suggest looking at those and reviewing the feedback they have gotten: Rosebud High and Broken Glasses are the two I’m thinking of in specific.

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I have followed both if those WIPs, and from what the respective authors have said, they don’t seem to intend to take it to where I’m trying to take mine,

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there should be an option to kill, or not the kill then you could play good guy or bad guy

That was the plan, and I’ll try to jive more than two choices of good/bad