Son of death

Though I understand the ending I hated it I thought there would be a bad ass ending nope just a punch all powerful keishan was taken down by a punch or as YouTube commenter call it makas super g@¥ness punch I liked the ending just not the punch

two minor events one major.

@heromaster or as I put it: she falcon punched him with her bravery -_-

@Henry_de_awesome wow your alive what happened thought it was dead

@TheKing I was really busy but now I’ve got free time. ~O)

Games back on track had a hard time fiting in time with my Judo and other MMA lessons but I’m working on it a lot now.

mma nice B-)

intro is about done.

I’m back from the dead my PC died so I had to start over I intend to get most of it done at some point in the new year. ~O)

ok i want to see this game lets see your skill Henry try your best that the best advice :wink:

Ill support you man!

the title is very catchy i have to admit that, it was the first thing that caught my attention, so i like the name of the game now please put a demo on

I’d be interested to see how this will turn out! C; It sounds like a preety awesome idea!

Well guys thanks I’m still working on it because there was a death in my family so i can give you a bit of a sneak peek but no playing yet here’s the intro to it, that’s all you will get for now. “You awake on a cold damp floor and as you try to recall where you were the day before you head splits what where you doing last night?” Sorry guys but i can’t give everything away off the bat. But stay tuned there may be a demo out before the end of next month. ~O)

lol thats a lot ok found a mistake
day before you head splits what where you doing last night?"
is suppose to be
day before, your head splits what were you doing last night?"

Hm well it was a bit late it’s like 11 here I’ll review it tommorow night guys. ~O)

Well Sh** I din’t get the demo out sorry guys. I also need a partner in this this game was goinging to be a non-profit beacuse I am doginging what I love and that’s make games for guys and girls like you if your interested you’d just need to help with ideas and if you’d like program. Please let me know if your interested in helping all you need to do is comment. ~O)

I’d like to help.

I’m currently working on my first COG and I think this would help me gain experience.

Do it guys only. Too many girls only CoGs…

@Talon5505 I think it’d keep the game more open having it not gender-locked. Out of interest, which games have you noticed that are girl only? I haven’t noticed any yet, but that’s probably just me!