The Void Assassin [WIP]

Yes its another wip from me :l

Its the year 2125, you are just a normal person living in Port Solar the biggest city on earth.
But then you find out that you have these powers called Void.
There are many more like you exept noone knows of these people, but some do know.
How will you use these powers? Bla bla bla… Will you destroy the world. Bla bla bla… you get the story, right?

First i have some questions!!!

  1. How old should the MC (main character) be?
  2. Do you want to be evil and not the hero for one time or should this be another you are the goodguy game

That where my questions

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I wanna be the poison assassin please please please please let me be EVIL.ll the rest of games are for goody people ALL. But including good options could be ok but certainly bad could be the focus in a game about killers

And about the age young I don’t want to be a old women lol something between 18 and 30 could be great

Evil and between 20 and 35-40 ish

Below 20 not enough experience or physical abilities more than 35-40 and your out of your prime and not likely to do too well as an assassin 30 would be the peak of your physical prowes and heit of your career

Or the option to be pragmatic to better yourself and if that destroyes the world in the end so be it

Or maybe let the player choose their age, defining this way their habilities (young: low experience, high impulsivity and strength; Old: High experience, low impulsivity and strength)

i have decided that you will be 18

I think you could be baddy

But you get to chose or make the style you want to focus on

@P0RT3R I hope you dont forget charm and seduction to attract your foes and of course, poison

Do you start off as an assassin or are you sort of an apprentice at first? If you’re an apprentice I would say ages between 16 and 24 since you’re still learning. Otherwise between 19 and 30. Sounds cool though. I like the idea of being evil with some good options. In games where you’re supposed to be a hero I feel guilty choosing the evil choices even when I want to.

Oops forget the age thing!

Can’t you choose to be good or evil

@Natsu_Dragneel you can choose but being good might not always work out into something good :wink:

choose an evil, cynical, narcissistic, character who isnt afraid to target peoples famillies

because of some things (im not going to say what because i will be typing for 30 minutes then) im not able to work on the story a lot :l
but ill try to write as much as possible :slight_smile:

Ok lol change of plans different story thats more and more awesome and not full of things like how am i going to write this :l

I can help you when I’m not writing my own story.


~new story~

A long time ago when the universe was born, with all of its many planets and many secrets it created a cube. This cube contains all of the universe’s powers and secrets that exist.
A group was formed to protect this cube, a group called Void. Some of these Void members a blessed with the magical powers of the cube, these members are the so called Void Assassins.

We now know this cube as the Aurora and it is still being protected by the holy order of the Void…

Awese looking forward to it

Me too.

Saturday i will have a week vacation so than i will have all the time i need to learn how to code :slight_smile:

I wish I could do that. Right now me and my coder are fighting he wants me to shorten the story.