The Void Assassin [WIP]


working togheter with coders isnt always very good




Me and my coder get along just fine


Lol. I like TIOA but he wants to get it done fast I think but I just want to make a good story line.


Yes some coders forget that the story is made for writers its their story. Of course, you could define part of game style features way to break wall of text. But the core is the text and the flow author want to give to his story. If you forget that there would be problems between both






Interesting is the perfect word to say when you have nothing to say but want to contribute to a conversation.


Too true too true


It would have been better if you had said interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:


(i dont care about this wip but i want to post something somwhere)


Im still learning how to code and i forgot that there is the make your own game then choicescript part on the site :l


Interesting :stuck_out_tongue: just for beez


@P0RT3R what ever happened to the void assassin.

Just noticed that this existed 0.0 It seemed so promising.


Its somewhere on my computer waiting to be made


=/ I see.


And how come you never got around to picking it up.


Never mind connected the dots :slight_smile: