Got an idea but not sure about it


I want to make my first CoG but I’m afraid of getting in legal trouble. I was thinking about doing an Assassins Creed based Cog (The Creed: Your a young male/female that has been inducted into the ranks of the Assassins but now you must decide what you will do in their fight against the Templars…or will you die before you can do anything at all?), a Pokemon themed CoG (My Own Journey: Choose your starter, follow the path to being a top pokemon photographer, breeder, trainer, or contest contestant), or maybe something with the Uglies series (My Ugly Life: Your 14…there are rumors about a place called The Smoke…do you want to risk everything & try to find it? Or will you become a pretty…with a very ugly mind & thoughts that you don’t think a pretty should have. Or will you do the ultimate…will you be Special…in every way possible?).

If I post a notice on the very first screen saying that this was not created by me in any way, shape, or form, just that I did this CoG, could I do that or would i need to get permission?


Those all look to be copyrighted, so you’d need permission from whoever owns them


alright, thanks!


Here’s the thing…those particular settings that are copyrighted are, as @Doctor stated, copyrighted and that you would need permission. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create something in a similar vein.

For instance, you can still tell a story about being in an assassin’s guild. If you wanted to incorporate the VR aspects of the game or some of the other things with specifically the Templars, you might want to avoid it. But you can still make a game about an assassin’s guild. You just call them something different and of course have a unique story. I wouldn’t mind a choose your own adventure where I was an assassin at a turbulent point in history.

I don’t know much about the Uglies. And as for Pokemon, well you could easily tell a story about a society that hatches monsters of some sort and use them to fight in arenas. And of course develop a friendship with the monster and do things in a similar situation to pokemon.