Hey y'all Thinking about making a game

Hey everyone how y’all doing? I’m new here so this is my first post. I’m thinking about making a Need For Speed choice game. It will feature car racing finding true love or looking for an old flame. If anyone has any ideas please post them here. However I do not want any foul language on this ok? I also won’t have any in my game. Now if I could figure out choice script. The game will be from a male perspective to make it easier on myself. However it won’t be a professional game as I don’t want to charge for it and it will be free to play on the posts.

well foul language is still part of litrature plus it gains more attension, but your game. The real challenge is gonna be to complete it but you won’t know until you give it a shot.

So when can be expect a Demo?

Lol thanks buddy as I said in my first post that will be as soon as I start the story and figure out choice script I will post a demo up. Now what does the demo link look like? Also what type of cars should I use? And also I won’t be using the female side of things just to make it easier on my self. I also have to figure out the story as well. The full game will be posted in spurts as demos. I’m thinking bout one long game.

demo should be around 5000 words, as for not including the female side i think everyone can understand as this is your first time trying to write a game.

Try to include unique cars as well as popular ones.

So anyone have any ideas for story cars and possible romance? I also will not be doing same gender stories. And I apreicate feedback

Need for Speed type of game, when I was little I played like every NfS game there was at the time.
For cars, start of with some cheap not very fast cars and get better ones each time.

Hmm, it seems as though you’re just throwing the romance part of the game in there so you actually have a plot. I think you should come up with a plot first.

Eg. The main character needs money for something (maybe he needs to pay off some loans, but dosen’t have the money to do so, so he starts racing as a way to get money) and then add in the romance as you come up with the plot.

I only ask you dont be sexist and put women like big boobs no brains whores like All this macho games used to do. I also recommend you main rival would be a woman maybe character ex or a girl who resist player charms. That could be a good romance try to conquest your rival in competition maybe even character could customize her somehow like nationality and personality.

Hey y’all sorry bout not replying back busy day. Thanks for all the great ideas. I promise that the girls will be average. Also the all cars will be highly tuned so no worries there. My story will be character development. The girl being your main rival is a great idea. I most likely won’t be able to work on this till Monday at the earliest. Once I complete the whole story after all the demos it will be available to play here. So any other great ideas till then I will work on the first 2 chapters. Still in draft phase right now

try not to include anything sexual content as many of us adrift away from that. If you do wish to include it add a choice on wheter it should be enabled

Hey y’all sorry bout not replying back busy day. Thanks for all the great ideas. You guys have given me great ideas so far. There will be some romance scenes but it will all be flash backs. I don’t want to spoil the game

And before I forget they will also be in the present day as well as u will be with a group of freinds in the game

Hey y’all I’m having some trouble figuring it out could some one please help? Also anymore great ideas would be appreciated.

What are you having trouble with, @StarWarsMaster ?

I’m having trouble writing out the choice script .

That article covers the basics and more advanced parts of Choice Script. Once you get used to it, you’ll find that it it’s rather easy to get through. If there is anything specific you need to ask then by all means do!

Thanks guys now here is another question how do I get it to run?

To run? All you require is a text editor like NotePad ++, which is free. (Link: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.5.4.html ).

Then, just open up the startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt files in NotePad ++ or your own desired text editor, delete what is in them and start writing your own story!

Hey thanks buddy!! I’m still in the planning stages this weekend
also if y’all also have any other ideas I will read over them. If u guys want list your story ideas and cars. The game is also going to use a dash of The Fugitive. I think that will make it a better plot. Also how do I set up the files? Thanks

Hey y’all how y’all doing? I’m still getting all the proper files and everything to get it up and running. So if any one has any more great Ideas I would love the feedback