Streets of Fire - Roguelike Driving game

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if i could use the choicescript engine to create a roguelike game.

The initial scenario is that you own some money to bad people, and the only way to pay them back in time is to win some illegal street races.

The game would feature random opponents, random cars, random tracks.

So far i am still in the part of trying to make the racing part fun and working.

I am largely inspired by initial d and i hope to have a demo working in a week or two.

Let me know your suggestions.

Best Regards,

Street racing is more Fast n the furious :slight_smile: initial d is usually mountain racing , hence you don’t need too much supped up engines n cars and more on drifting

That was going to be my game as well but I was going to be focused on the story more… But I simply can’t code also u can use the choicescript for it bud

How are you going to make that like a Roguelike? The only roguelikes I’ve heard of are RPGs

Well, the premise is that the non story parts are all randomized.

And you use the money/xp received to improve your car/driver.

Some basic actions are always available, then you will have “special actions” depending on what you have unlocked.