ChoiceScript Writing on Twitch Creative?


With the new Twitch Creative channel, has anyone thought about livestreaming their ChoiceScript game design on Twitch Creative? And / or would anyone be interested in watching that kind of a livestream? Would you still play / buy that game if you had watched it “grow up” so to speak?

Putting out feelers to see if it might be fun to livestream the next game I’m going to make from its start.


People watch Fenoxo while he codes his (very much) adult flash games, so I guess people will watch other authors they have interest in.


Wow didnt expect ever reading that name here. Dude’s in my patreon list. Back to the topic tho I know I would watch. I would probably learn choicescript coding better. I could finaly start writing my game.


Interesting, so like a tutorial slant would be helpful? What kinds of things would you want more info on: basic coding or like neat tricks?


Both really. I’m thirsty for knowledge. Basic stuff are essential but neat tricks help make better games but thats to the author discretion because some might rather keep their way secret. Honestly I could see this becoming a sort of class for me.