Just started ChoiceScript. I have even more respect to authors now

I must say, fooling around and watching Dan Cox’s videos on ChoiceScript alongside him, I am mighty impressed by the versatility and tenacity of our amazing authors, published or not. Golly gee! Like now instead of saying, “Don’t rush the authors because they don’t owe us anything” etc, now I can say “bruv, have you tried coding, then making sure you have your scenes listed so you can have a Next Page Button, or making sure you dont automatically have *finish after a line?”

I implore impatient people, or just in general curious people who would want to make a game or see how its done, to download choice script ide and see how long you go until you feel admiration in your chest for those that actually had the courage to share their work! And to the authors thank you so so much. Yall are amazing and awesome.

Sorry for being late in realizing that truly, blood, sweat, and (probably the most likely one to have happened) TEARS you have put into your work!


Yup I knew this from the start and I agree I tried to write a story through choicescript but I absolutely had no idea coding was this complex to do someone I used to talk to someone on the forum once warned me this is something mere mortals like us can’t do yeah that is how the person put it because he or she was right so all the time I have a played a choice of games or wip I am really grateful for the codes, hardwork and passion the authors did to finish it


Its like it opens your eyes, and you start to look at the authors with scared eyes haha. Its honestly just pure dedication, to keep coding and writing and making sure scenes and then stats are clean. i can NOT even imagine how much joy and pure satisfaction they have when submitting their work.


While this is definitely appreciated, and it is quite the learning curve at times, I would still urge anyone reading this that as difficult as coding can be at times, it can be puzzled out. Between your own know-how, the resources available and asking the forum faithful, there’s a lot of options. Never assume you can’t do it, because this place is kinda like Gusteau’s in Ratatouille; it proves that anyone can code.

I had no programming background or knowledge whatsoever before I came here in 2017. My first question here was when I briefly tried to write in Notepad before I found the wonderful CSIDE, and I couldn’t even figure out how to make the code drop down to the next line so it didn’t just keep going on and on to the side forever. Two and a half games in, I’m still not very proficient at it; I’ll likely never reach the coding level of a Lucid or some of these crazy complex WIPs out there now. But I know enough to get by, and it’s not because of any shred of natural aptitude or talent. It was just spending time on it, pure and simple. If you put the time in, you can get at least decent at Choicescript. I can pretty much guarantee that.


Your words are really encouraging, and they give me strength haha. Its good to know that its normal to be daunted and that it can be conquered. Youre awesome!


Not a big fan of deifying the ability to code. ChoiceScript isn’t very complex. It’s easy to pick up as you go along. Do the tutorials and practice with a short game and you’ve got it all down pat. No need to genuflect as though it’s a massive barrier that can never be hurdled.


While I appreciate your opinion and reply, this is more of an appreciation post to those that were able to stick through it. Having never coded nor seen the ChoiceScript in play, this is some recognition to the hardwork and frustration they must have gone through. You’re right, make a small game and going with the tutorials will get you going to understanding the basics. Yet I’m speaking of the massive commitment required for making even just 100k words. To making sure they connect and are playable. It is an appreciation post and nod of respect to that grit.


Lucid is a coding monster. So is Jim. Their abilities to command code like arcane magic terrifies me.

More to the point, I’ve recently jumped into CS to hopefully start writing myself one day. It definitely takes that devotion but I’ve learned it is indeed possible.

Wannabe authors, get out there and try!


Mhn… wonder where I stand on the coding scale…


On the clever Side, you manage your variables really good and effective, thats definitely quite good, plus you always help others and try new things thats good too.


You’re welcome, and thanks for joining the forum!

I think the biggest issue for new authors is they have grand ideas.

Choicescript can be simple and it can be complex it all depends on what the author wants it to do.

I’ve lost count of the ideas I have for game systems that when it came down to it was too complex and unwieldy so found it hard to debug it.

Whereas now with years of experience I am finding new ways to do similar things in half the code which is easier to find bugs.