The Art of ChoiceScript Coding and Game Design

Anyone that has taken a crack at writing their own ChoiceScript game by now has probably realized the difficulty of coding and designing one. It’s not easy handling both writing a compelling story while also designing a fun and interactive game, and to that end I’ve been given the opportunity to help our some of our up and coming authors on the forum with their code and game design.

Specifically I’d like to help authors to how to better handle their code, meaning how to make cleaner and more effective, how to accomplish more with their code, and generally just how to avoid mistakes and improve in general all together.

Of course not every author wants (or even needs) this, so here’s where you come in. First, if you’re interested in having me break down your WiP, send me a PM (and/or post here). Once I have enough submissions, I’ll put up a poll where anyone can vote on what they’d like to see gone over, and finally once we have the favorite, I’ll read it, and break down everything about your game and share it with the forums.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to ask.