ChoiceScript to Flash

I am sure somebody brought this up before.
What’s your thought on making Flash games based on ChoiceScript : D?

Is that even possible yet?

It would require a lot of coding work to convert ChoiceScript to Flash. I do hope to do it some day…

I remember seeing a concept art on one of the comments on the blog, but that is it.
Indeed, it would be insanely difficult, but it is nice to keep your options wide and varied xD

forgive me for sounding pretty ignorant here but why’d you want choicescript in flash? I like choicescript games the way they are now, for me it adds to their charm knowing that they look like something that you or me could make. It adds to their indy feel and makes them feel really personal. Putting it into flash seems to me like it would just remove what’s so special about it!

I’d want to convert our games to Flash just so we could post them on Newgrounds and Kongregate.

aah I see :smiley:

i was gonna say, making them into all-singing, all-dancing applications would have been a bit silly :slight_smile:

It seems like doing so would cause trouble for mobile users, since most(all?) mobile devices don’t support flash.

Of course, if it was not exclusively flash, then I wouldn’t mind, but I personally would prefer the actual Choice of Games site to continue using javascript.

I think a lot of smart phones do support Flash, at least if they’re running Android or Windows 7? I can’t see them making COG flash exclusive, but it’d certainly be nice to have the option to play in Flash, even though the current market place COG apps do a nice enough job anyway.

I enjoy the book feel of the games. Other than getting your games on New grounds and sites like that I don’t see a reason to do it. :confused: