A mobile Choicescript


I’m just wondering am I the only one who would like a mobile version of the choicescript editor.


Well not a bad idea i cant say i would enjoy a mobile version as it it would be hard your me even with my iphone to type out a choicescript game.


@Toa_Onarax I don’t know, but is there no way to save text as txt files on your phone? I’d figure that if someone was going to do it, that it would be done already. I’d probably recommend just using some kind of notepad that was all accessible from a computer (I know that is at least one on the Android) and saving it into a txt when you’re done.


I’ve done a little scripting on my phone via the included notepad app. Then it’s just formatting later to make it right. More often, though I just come up with ideas on the phone and save the scripting for the computer.