Scripting a ChoiceScript Game on a mobile phone?

Hey, I’m new here. I’m working on a ChoiceScript interactive fiction game (which I will post up, with the synopsis and what I’ve done so far in November) on my Android phone. There are several inconviniences to using a mobile phone instead of a laptop or desktop. However, my laptop cord is broken and I must use my sisters’ by booting my laptop and plugging it in after it finishes booting so that it won’t complain about the charger type. So, along with having to be careful of unplugging it lest my battery drain and die, it seems too much of an effort to take the time to boot my laptop and work on my game.

But I digress. There are inconviniences to using a phone to create a game. On my laptop, I use Editra to work on my Ren’py games. Editra numbers every line, which I’m sure you can all appreciate. I do not know of any app that does the same, so if I mess up in ChoiceScript, I have to guess where it’s broken. Sometimes, the html will stop right before the broken bit, narrowing down my search, but not always. If you know of any apps that numbers lines, please let me know.

There’s also the quick test and random test. As far as I know, Androids don’t run batch files. So, how do I test my game without restarting it and going through it manually? That’s what I’ve been doing, but it’s very annoying. Especially considering that I often take several attempts to fix one mistake due to the lack of numbered lines, as mentioned before.

Perhaps there are more than these problems when it comes to ChoiceScript developement via a mobile phone. I may not have noticed yet, or maybe I’m just not annoyed yet, and will begin to hate some other inconvinience as time wears on. Until I have some money to fix my laptop cord, (and even then, mobile is just more convinient,), I must make do with with working on Android devices. So, I ask, do any of you have any advice, tips, or solutions? Any methods that might make my sctipting/writing any easier? Thank you, ahead of time.

you coulsd use quick test in phones, also there are text editors like iota free and file manager applications than import export files automatically to dropbox I’m haven’t pc only using android devices and I’m coding two games so its almost same pc you only need get correct apps working,pm if you need help

Edit maybe I just must make atutorial about how code in a phone

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I think you should, since I know that at least one other person wanted to know. I would love to see that! Thank you.

I often have to program on my phone. I use Droidrdit. I started with the free one, but liked it so much paid for it.

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On the off chance that I’m actually working on any CS games, I just use my phone to do plot as opposed to any scripting - Notepad ++ has spoiled me when it comes to auto-indents and syntax highlighters, so I use my laptop almost exclusively to do anything coding related.

Sorry if that wasn’t helpful.

If anyone was wondering what apps to use on iPhones though, I like Nebulous Lite since it meshes with the Dropbox app well.

I rather work on my laptop but most times I have to pull out the phone. Droidedit works well with dropbox. Needless to say it is a pain to work on the phone, but it is doable.

@MaraJade how are you using quick test on your phone? Did not think it would work on the droid.

I use drop sync automatically sync my game folder with my dropbox account, to code I use iota + is same as a pc one indents code files different colors…

Quick text html in new cs is easy to use in phones only open file in firefox mobile app.

I’ve used a combination of:

  • DroidEdit
  • Dropbox
  • DropSync
  • Jota Text Editor (and 2)
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Firefox
  • AndroZip (File management)

Already, I’m finding everything so much easier with Jota and knowing that I can use Firefox (my phone won’t open in Firefox as a default choice, for some reason, so once I knew that it could be done that way, I entered the path in the url bar and bookmarked it). And now I know where to go when quicktest gives me a line to fix, as well. Next, I’ll try DropSync, though I’ll have to wait until I find some wifi in order to sync. Thank you all very much for your help!

I didn’t know where to put this, but it’s sort of an announcement/ discovery. So a really long time ago someone asked about coding on a phone. It seemed super complicated, and not manageable. I myself wondered if it was possible to make it easier. Recently I took up writing Chronicles of Hallarmuli again after a long break. But it’s just so hard when I’m at work all the time or in class, so I decided to unravel the mystery that was coding of a phone. Surprisingly I managed to get it to work.

I’m not sure about other phones, but I have managed to start coding on my IPhone(Apple Iphone). Thus far I haven’t encountered any problems. Variables and scenes transfer and work fine, and I haven’t had any trouble with the browser as it seems Safari works just as well as Firefox. I have not tried to transfer the files over to dashingdon yet, but expect it won’t pose a problem. I’ll detail the steps here down below for any who want to take up the challenge. The directions on other threads were not detailed so here you go.

1.) Go to the App Store and download the app iZip
2.) Then download the app Documents by Readdle
3.) Go to the link to download choicescript.
4.) Download in and choose to unzip the file in iZip
5.) Choose any scene you wish to edit and move it to Documents.
6.) Edit at your leisure.
7.) Once you make the edits you want click the three little dots in the upper right corner and choose share.
8.) Share it to the iZip app(you’ll have to click a .txt file, but it won’t replace said file.)
9.) Go back and delete the old file and boot up your game with the index link in safari.

I don’t think any of the tests will work, because it isn’t supported by iZip, but you can compile an HTML file. I’ll update the more I learn, but in the meantime enjoy your phone coding.


Do you have any advice on one app for beginners? (Since I see everyone already codes…)