Coding apps for android?

I have a story written up that I want to attempt to code with choicescript to make it into an interactive novel. My problem is that I don’t currently have access to an actual computer and have only my android phone. I know that there are plenty of coding apps for android devices but I’m unsure of which would be the best as I have never coded before. So if anyone with any experience would please let me know which they believe is best to use with choicescript and why they think so, that would be great! Thank you.

Any text editor will theoretically work, such as Turbo Editor or Jota.

However, I really really suggest you DON’T try to do your game on a phone or tablet. In my opinion there just is not enough screen space to type comfortably, or check for errors. A desktop computer or at least a laptop is a much more comfortable place to work with words, especially since you might be working in two or more different files at a time.

If you really can’t get a computer, you might try Microsoft Surface, which is a semi-tablet with a keyboard attached. But if you can’t get a computer, you probably can’t get Surface either.

Testing your game will likely become a frustrating process as well, since as far as I know Android doesn’t have a file explorer to help you find quicktest, randomtest, and index.html on the choicescript folder. And the test pages sometimes act up on certain browsers, with Android browser possibly included.

Good luck.

Edit: It looks like the major Android text editors have file navigation systems built in, so that’s not quite as much of an issue.

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The browser version of the choicescript IDE seems to work on mobile devices using the “raw” setting, but I think that it requires an active internet connection.

I code mine on my android phone. I use abc editor. I didn’t like Jota and I have not tried Turbo editor. Just try a few and see which works best for you.

Abc editor has a word wrap feature which allows you to toggle screen wrap of text. If you select it off then you will be able to see the line numbers accurately with coding errors. For instance when quicktest tells you there’s an error on line 105. Turn the wrap text off and you can easily find 105 otherwise the line numbers get confusing. Another thing I like is if you click on properties it will give you a word count. Keep in mind when you pick a text program to write with it needs to be able to save the file as .txt with coding character UTF-8.

If you have not already please read this.

Thank you all. I have tried a few but have decided to just wait to get a computer as I am not comfortable with any of them. Thank you all again.

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You said, “ you are not comfortable ”.
But it works or not?. (FOR ANDROID?) I mean.,
Can we make a complete game?