ChoiceScript Images

Hello everyone, as I’m very new to ChoiceScript (Only started my first game yesterday) I’m curious as to if it is possible to insert pictures into your game, I remember a dragon in the opening of Choice of Dragon but I’d like to include a small picture for every other “choice” you get to make, a little picture of the previous choice you made perhaps or something just to show off some images.

If this is possible could somebody give me an example of the code I would need.



This is something which has been discussed before in the google group but is not actually part of the distributable version of choicescript yet. I think there is a small initiative to get the fuction added through open source but it’s taking it’s time.

The long and short of it is that at the moment it’s not possible, unfortunately.

Although I feel that when the time comes to publish your game, if by then the functionality is still not possible you could just let Choice Of Games know your intentions, provide them with the images you’d like and they’d probably do it for you :smiley:

Right, I spent the last half year+ designing a game for my course and decided it’d be nice to make the games story into a choicescript game, just for the hell of it, I know a few very good artists who have provided some concept art for my initial design so hopefully they’ll donate some images for the choicescript :smiley:

awesome, sounds like you have a good idea what you’re doing. i have a feeling that it will make an appearence at some point this year, and depending on how much time you have to devote to the game it may end up being included by the time you finish it! I’m in a band and thinking about making a choice-script game based on some of the things I’ve experienced. That’ll be a long way off though, if I ever do it at all.

That would be great actually, brilliant idea

Well, considering the indie game hosted also have an image of their own, perhaps you can try asking the CoC staffs?

Ooh hadn’t thought odmf that, actually now that you mention it, TriCla did have images. Hmmm, maybe the guy who made it was proficient in JavaScript? I don’t know

I’m working my way through Dusk Town on my Kindle… it has killer b&w graphics throughout, and the interactive fiction format seems similar to Choicescript (is this true?). They only have one pub so far, and are looking for engineers, not artists or writers (which may be a mistake), and apparently their code is propietary.

I’ve done some coding in IF - the only scripting similarities are those that are pretty standard in all scripting languages. (commands like if, elseif, and the ability to set variables and such.) So if you’re asking if ChoiceScript is to some degree copied from IF, the answer is no.

In comparing the two languages, IF is much more complex. This makes it more powerful, more flexible, and harder to learn. (Though the basics aren’t too difficult if you have a good guide.)

The basic setup is also different – in IF, instead of handling all character interactions, you set up the structure of the game (create rooms & objects, give them properties and descriptions) and the parser handles all the basic interactions. It automatically manages character inventory and allows the character to perform basic tasks (pick up or drop objects, equip things, move from room to room).

In terms of the style of gaming, yes, they are similar. They are both text-based games. The one major difference is that, in IF, the player comes up with their own commands into the console, whereas in Choice of Games they choose one of a number of author-provided options. Both systems have their own advantages.

Hopefully they add something like this to games…
But if they do would there be anyway to go back into a finished game code to add images again (or simply just edit the code)?