Image Support

First thing: WOOT! ChoiceScript will now support images.

For those of you not part of the Google Group, Dan just announced (and I Ctrl-C/V):

"ChoiceScript finally supports images. Place the image in the “mygame” folder, and use the *image command, typing the name of the image file, like this:

*image beauty.jpg

If you like, you can specify the alignment (“left” or “right”) after the image name, like this:

*image beauty.jpg left

By default, the image appears centered on a line by itself, but if you align the image left or right, the text will flow around the image. (In CSS terms, the image will “float” left or right.)

(Sorry that took so long.)


So I personally have two questions: Has the version that contains this been uploaded to GitHub already? And Is there any re-sizing of images (because the thing that jumps to mind is phone versions of games. If images aren’t re-sized there, they’re going to be an annoyance).

This is great news. I wonder if I can add a few pics to The Race before it’s published…

Well, just a title screen to start with at least!

The main thing for me was I kinda stripped down the storyline I built to make it more linear (because a chuck of it relied on a decent understanding of the layout of the ship). I figured that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ the map (as the ship is a number of wheels around a central axle) so I deleted the chunks of my writing which were influenced by the layout, and now i can draw up a map to include. Gah.

Just remember: using images will require a lot of testing on your end. For example, how will it display on the different devices? What does it look like on the Kindle? What sizes will it be displayed at?

My point is that image should be used sparingly. At least until we can hire some sort of tech-art person to assure compliance for the images.

Thanks, this is an excellent feature.

However, I’m having some trouble using it. I can include images in my game and they display fine in Firefox, however when playing the game in Internet Explorer they do not display at all.