Game illustrations?


Hi everyone, though I am quiet aquainted with the basis choice of games uses, I am little bit distracted about several points in the game development. As well as I am an illustrator, I am exited about the idea of making an illustrated game, not based on a text only. Is it possible to make it in the programming language given, or this idea stands out if the choice of games concept?

Thanks everyone for attention:)


Well, ChoiceScript does not handle images in the prettiest way, but it does handle them. Mostly the problem is CS handles images very simply. If you just want to test thing out it’s

*image file.ext alignment

So, for example in Æon Sage, where there’s the small map towards the end of the third chapter I use *image map.svg right as the markup. The alignment can be dropped (defaulting to ‘center’), and wraps simply on left/right. It’s probably one of those things that you need to play with to get a handle on. (Do note that images can vary a lot from one platform to the next, so it’ll require some testing with other devices or it might look weird.)

Note: Image files used in game go in the ‘mygame’ folder, and like everything CS, needs to be one word (or use underscores).


Thank you for a reply!
But if I still cannot reach my hands to the scripting itself, can you please describe the quality of the image, how bad or good it is, just an approxitame size in santimeters or pixels. I`m planning to use images quite frequent, not in a comic way, but illustration.


I have 8 illustrations in Trial of the Demon Hunter, and they look really good on PCs and tablets, but they look somewhat pixelated on mobile phones. You can use whatever size you want to, but mine are generally around 500x600 pixels.


I hope/plan to incorporate some interior art in my WiP although I haven’t messed around with the image command, size or positioning yet.

I think art is underused in Cogs and HGs. Think about reading chapter books when you were little. Who among us didn’t get a little excited when an illustration popped up, even if there were 20 pages of text inbetween them?

People are visual learners.


Thank you, I guess 600 pixels are pretty enough:)