Background images? color schemes? themes?

ok so im getting ready to write my game using the choiceofscript, and i had a few questions.

i was wondering if it was possible to add background images to the main game. for example i saw a version of “choice of the dragon” where while you were playing the game there was an image of a scroll in the back. no offense, i absolutly love choiceofscript and choice of games but the layout is a bit boring. as a graphic designer i would love to see an option to add some design to the game like a background image just to add to the look of the game.

this question also applies to color schemes. can we have custom background colors like black with white text?

im just curious if its possible since choice of the dragon had it at one point or another, and maybe they stopped doing it i dont know thats why im asking :slight_smile: so any response would be great


@MaraJade can help you with this; she helped me with the layouts on Trial of the Demon Hunter.

It is possible to change the background colour and colour of the next button by changing some things in the style thingy

Yepp. Though having a back ground may require some hacking.

what do you mean hacking??

By hacking, they mean making changes to Choicescript itself. It’s allowed, but if you want CoG to someday host or publish your game, these hacks aren’t supported. Lots of modding has been done, allowing all sorts of options. Music, background, multiple buttons, save systems…

That brings a question from me. What options are available without modifying CS?

If you make those sort of changes they probably won’t be supported by Choice of Games.

Personally, I strongly dislike any sort of background image since it makes text unreadable, unless you’re speaking of something neutral like the scroll for Choice of the Dragon.

Start with You may also need to fiddle with the index.html file. I can’t rightly remember.