Any plans to allow black background and white fonts?

are there any plans to allow black background and white fonts?
just asking.

or to go further, custom background color and font color, but usually black background color would suffice, along with white fonts, and maybe some instances of colored fonts.

no one brought this up before?

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Going to the Dark side of the font?

I think there’s a way, not sure how

There was a poll about this topic before. Not sure if it’s helpful, but here you go:

Oh, and this one too

It is easy to do same as change letters styles colors of stats etc. I have all that changed in my demo. You just have to read the links I want to read choice script what must I do? or something like that in the I am new post section. Sadly noone read that. If you can’t just send me a pm and I would tell you how it’s super easy

I think this is what you may be looking for?

Yes I have the same request.

It seems that, to satisfy everyone and making the games accessible for more people,

We need a button to switch between two simple, clear color-schemes, right in the official interface of the games.

A “Colors” button beside of “Show Stats” button, for exemple, that would shift the display between the present Black on White and something else, like
Dark brown on Sepia
or Light grey on Slate,
hell, even White on Black
would do, as long as we have an option.

The problem is that some people has critical eye strain and white backgrounds plus phone/computer back-light = slow building of medical issues (this is not an hypothesis, but my own experience, confirmed my a few doctors I had to see).

Now that it’s no longer possible to buy CoG and Hosted games for any e-ink device, this would seem something serious and pertinent to consider.

I used to play CoG for long hours almost every day, but I have never been able to finish any new game I bought even since they stopped coming to Kindle.

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All i can say is #blackfontsmatter