Font size/colour?

Oddly enough, I couldn’t seem to find a discussion on this already. Maybe my search terms were poor. In any case, would anyone know if it is possible to alter font size or colour with the vanilla choicescript (that is, choicescript without any changes made to the javascript behind it)?

Much appreciated.

@_jl Unfortunately no.

@fantom Thank you for the speedy response. I shall have to find another way around my dilemma then.

@_jl if you don’t mind my asking, what dilemma is that?

@fantom Just a typographical thing. I’d prefer to be able to manipulate the text I’m coding so that it doesn’t look so out of place, which I feel it does at the moment. Perhaps dilemma was a little too dramatic haha.

Well, you can edit the style.css file. Font is at the very top of the page. For font, just change the Georgia to something else, size is obvious. Havent figured out color yet, though.

@Babisko Yes, this is fine but the CSS would change the font size for the entire tree of documents, not a specific line unfortunately. I’m guessing you’d probably need to code in a work-around to enable some kind of function in choicescript that lets you alter font properties.

At present, yeah, you’d need to define your own set of [tags][/tags] to do it like that.

I canged color and font and such for last game I have no clue how tod o it again but I did it according to the mods choicescript dev wiki.

I’m just trying to get things together for my first game. Can I change the font color & background color in its “startup.txt”?