Need helpe getting font colors to change

Hey guys.

I tried looking through the forum for anwsers and also stumbled upon most of my questions, but there are still two that I need help with.

First I just need the help by changing the color of the main text font, I have tried to change the color of diffrent things in the style.css file but none were the right ones :(.
The other question were anwsered here but that solution did not work for me, might there be another way to get that to work?


Well guys with a few more attempts I finally got both of those problems solved by changing one line of code :), but another problem rose, as I can see many of the post here concerns how you put a background image in your game, I just want to know how to put a normal image in the text, so not a background image but a picture to be in the middel of the text. Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


@Marvick the answer is in the choice script tutorial.
*insert image number.jpg
and you have the image in my game folder

Thanks Mara worked like a charm :slight_smile: