Can we make Choice of Games stories look better?


Is there any way that we can start being more creative with the appearance of COG stories? The “About More Games Blog Subscribe” headers look cheap and the pale backgrounds uninviting.

Is it possible to change colours, fonts etc and create a different look?


You can mess around with the code in the styles folder. @MaraJade knows how. She helped me change the font and the background/button colors in Trial of the Demon Hunter.


It’s all down to HTML and CSS, so of course (assuming you know how to use both languages).
The thing is that COG haven’t made it clear as to how changes will affect game publication (issues running on certain devices etc).


Yes you can, but if you play in Android you couldn’t see fonts changes for instance, due Android only recognize 3 or 4 fonts no more, apple devices know about 50 and so on with each type of device. I like put music and all stuff but my advice don’t deserve the effort. The nightmare of configuration for a possible publication in hundred of different devices would cause bugs. So if your HTML and CSS knowledge is basic like mine don’t do that or just have two version a normal and a modded onw.


Sure you can, but you will need to do a little JavaScript editing, which may mess up your game like MaraJade stated. But I didn’t have any knowledge and my tinkering worked fine, so don’t know what to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I could help you but I kinda forgot how its all exactly done. I think you had to open Index with Notepad or Notepad ++, and you got the code which you had to change. Then their was a label of Style.CSS under which all the things relating to font appeared. But I may be wrong as to what file it was, maybe it wasn’t Index? My mind is rusty.

Here are two threads I found about Font color and Link color, let me see if I can remember how to change background color.


My editing time was over, so new post.

My mistake, open your DFabulich folder and then open web. Near the bottom there was a file named style. Open it normally for Notepad, or you can right click and choose open with Notepad ++. This file contains all the appearance and such related things. I still dont remember what changes what, so maybe someone else can tell you a better answer.

Edit: OK, after all my blabbing, I finally found an absolute answer. This page on the Wiki has the information you need.