The Volunteer Firefighter (WIP) - Requesting Beta-Testers

Hi! I’m very happy to be able to share with you the fact that my first ChoiceScript game is very near completion! My story allows the player to step into the boots of a volunteer firefighter who is just getting to know the ropes. There is action, adventure, romance, daring rescues, life-and-death decisions, and so much more!

At this point, however, I’ve looked at the game about a million times myself and need some fresh perspectives in order to iron out any remaining wrinkles. I would be enormously grateful to find a few people who would be willing to play-test my game. There shouldn’t be any major code errors at this point. I’m mainly looking for feedback on continuity, story content, stats, typos, and such.

If you are interested, please either send a private message on the forum or e-mail me at ange.aleatoire @, and I will give you the Dropbox link. Thank you very much, in advance!


Message sent can I test it

Message sent. I am readily available for ant Beta tests.

This game sounds fantastic, and I would love to play it. Alas, my life is too busy for me to devote a solid amount of time to beta testing. I will definitely buy the game when it comes out, though! Good luck!

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Wow! I’ve gotten a remarkably huge response to my request for beta-testers from this wonderfully supportive community. It’s both inspiring and motivational. I feel like I might actually get this done and be able to publish a game I can be proud of. Thank you very much!

Along those lines, I do have enough beta-testers for the moment. I don’t want to confuse myself with too much feedback! However, I am saving a list of interested people so, if you’d like to add your name to the list, I can let you know when I’ve made the corrections suggested by the first testers and get some fresh opinions. Just let me know!

One exception to this: If you are a firefighter (or familiar with firefighting techniques and/or culture), please, please do send me a message if you are willing to look at my game! As you can imagine, your thoughts will be particularly valuable to me.

Again, thank you! I couldn’t finish this project without you. :smile: