Hustle money

I been working on my first game i need help at coding it im just learning to code my game is about a young beautiful but tough black girl name Angel after her son is brutally destroyed Angel is a good girl turned bad she is consumed for revenge and enters a life of drugs and fast money and sex. If anyone have ideas to help message me

this idea might not be abiding by the rules but i am not sure

@Prototype the rules for Hosted Games are very loose. While that’s not a typical description for a game (you are right that it sounds more like a story), it’s far too early to say “no”.

Instead say things like, “I look forward to trying it when you have a demo ready!”


@Quinesia If you need help learning to code have you read It’s extremely useful.

I know the initial hurdle of making a game is difficult, but you’ll manage it and if you have questions feel free to ask on your thread. If you ask on the thread it means other people who’re stuck can see the replies and learn too.

I think you have an interesting premise. Revenge is a great motivator. Will we be starting as Angel, with her son alive, getting to witness his death and experience her change? Do we get to choose if she enters this dangerous life, or if she remains a ‘good girl’ while trying to exact revenge.

Yes you will see her and her son happy and alive the first part is all before it happened

That’s good. It’s a very movie-like premise and it would be interesting to see it done in an interactive way. Are you thinking of making it like Revenge (the tv show) with lots of scheming and manipulation, or like hmm any action movie where the hero’s child is killed/kidnapped so they go in guns all a-blazing.

Yes lots of manipulation and scheming

i really didn’t mean it in a discouraging way, it’s just that the last time there was a game with sexual content in it, everyone spazed out. i din’t really read the game so i really don’t know how far the content was, so just be careful. You don’t want to waste all that time notin

you can choose to stay a good girl you will still have the girl who did it going after you and anyone you love