Looking for Mafioso Co-Writers

Hello, i started this thread to see if anyone is interested in adding and helping produce my story of Mafioso, here is my old thread of the idea. Which explains a little bit of the rough concept.
(Old Outdated thread, will revise soon)

If youd like to help me write the story i would be more then happy to accept!
Since its set in the 1940s-1960s it would be helpful if you knew about the time period or history of old Americana, since it will take place in the US, but its certainly not required.

Hey man i’m interested in this.

I can help. I watched a lot of gangster movies and biopsies and learned about all the characters when young. So I know a lot of the people,places and events. Although I know there is still much out there I don’t know. But the basics of the early prohibition days, and the 30-40’s things like murder inc and Bugsy going to vegas and Lansky going to cuba… those things i know.