Life of a Mobster



Here’s a thread to discuss Life of a Mobster, which comes out on Friday. The old threads were WIP and Beta. This is the real deal!

The last of the hoops have been jumped through. There shouldn’t be any more delays at this point. Here we go! :slight_smile:

Life of a mobster.."
Vendetta..rise of a mobster?
Life of a Mobster Endings
Upcoming Games by Lucid

the got away ending I got today.


I haven’t gotten the hitman ending yet. Even with my MAC, it always says that I have a loud gun. Is there another gun with a silencer as compared to my MAC’s supressor?



Are those displayed in a certain order? I can’t read anything on the actual entries.


Oh, I want to play the official game!! It was one of the better games to beta testing. I hope to see more games from you @Lucid


Yay :slight_smile:


I’m excited to see this being released and will definitely pick it up on Friday.


I’m looking forward to reading Life of a Mobster. Hope it does well!


Will be happy to move this from wip to hosted on the CoG directory as soon as it comes out. Congrads. :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone! I’m super excited to see it come out. @Lordirish Actually, Life of a Mobster never made the WIP list on ChoiceBox. :slight_smile: I’m more secretive about my WIPs than most. No demos, no links and such. I like to keep things all tidy and under wraps.

@poison_mara I’m working hard on my next one as we speak. It’s actually a lot further along than you might expect. I’ll open a thread for it right now. The Lost Heir:


Good, I am happy to see it on the app store. I never tested it but I hope it is as good as I think


@Lucid Congrats on your release!


Congratulations! Ready to buy it the moment it’s out. :slight_smile:


@Lucid Any idea on the exact, to the second, time? :slight_smile:


@fantom Grrr!! :smiley:

Is it sad that I’ve been checking all the markets for the last couple of hours already? The race is on! It’s only Thursday here, but you never know when it might start popping up.

EDIT: One interesting thing. Google Play now has Life of a Mobster in their auto-complete… is that a sign?


It’s on Google Play!



Just bought it. After Life of a Wizard and Paradox Factor I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Awesome! I just got my copy. I’ll share it on my page once it’s up on CoG’s website :).


Please give me link i cant found it :((