New Heart's Choice Game! "All World Pro Wrestling" by David Monster & Jim Dattilo

This is the dedicated thread for discussion of All World Pro Wrestling by David Monster and @JimD.


As a gay male who loves watching WWE, MMA, and wrestling in general, this was an amazing experience. Beta testing it was fun, and, now that I own the game, replaying it was even more fun.

Congrats to David Monster and @JimD for yet another amazing game.

Can’t wait to see all the homophobes bash this one :v:t2:


Thanks for your help!

I’m sure there will be some but I hope they will be dwarfed by positive reviews of my game and the others.


The game is awesome! and was very cool be a tester


Thank you, as well. Your feedback always shows me another play style I never considered.


When will the game be up on the Google store? Following the link via icon under the story just leads me to an error message. :confused:

Edit: Nevermind, it works now! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to both @JimD and David Monster … I enjoy the wrestling and character development, very much so.


Bruh I really want this to work because I totally support HC new brand and I am sure I won’t regret buying it but… who the hell asks such personal questions on sexuality while shaking hand for the first time? Still, congratz for the game!


Will this release on Android?

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The omnibus app should already be on Android. If you just look up “Hearts Choice”

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It’s often not searchable for whatever reason. This is the direct link, and note here (as in every other thread related to HC lol) it is not available in the Philippines or South Korea. Also, none of the HC games are available on Android as separate apps.


I bought all the Heart’s Choice titles today :joy: That will give me a lot of joy for this cold december! I’m so happy for all this.


Not gonna lie as a straight Male I was stunned by the description that goes into detailing the male body and the sex scenes which ain’t a bad thing :rofl: but it is a great story and very well written, I’m glad to see stories with romances other than just straight, well done great work


As a straigh male I find it really funny as well, I must say that this is the one I started with and I’m not a bit disappointed! I just say it would have been easier if you put an switch or an option to see the measures in metric because I have to use a converter so much to know what the game is talking about lol And the junk size in the description of the characters really made me ROTFL hard


Very interesting to see straight men playing this one lol. I honestly wasn’t expecting that, but it makes me happy. Faith in humanity restored :fist:t2:


This game is incredible. I’m not even a chapter in and I’ve already read an AMAZING sex scene with more detail than I ever could have asked for. I love that this game just lets you go full sexual cougar. I’m getting my life over here.


The amount of manliness in this game just makes my gay heart so happy. :sob:
Rory is such a bae.
This is honestly the first time i’ve ever had the difficulty of choosing who to go for. My monogamous heart is shook.


As I was vocal during the beta testing I repeat once more, This game is a wonderfully written story. You can quit all the sex and you will have a deep meaningful game.

Sex scenes are tasteful, however, and take account your stats and choices. You don’t feel forced to act X way to romance anyone. It feels organic. And even the guys you don’t romance and are only friends are fleshed out and super cool to have scenes with.


this is one good gay game right here :grin:


Alright I know this may be kind of dumb to ask considering the point of Heart’s Choice, but is there a way to play more straight forward? As in focus on your wrestling career more? Im a big fan of wrestling and think its really under-used as a setting (I dont mean here I mean in general in media), but would kind of like to know more about the world and the associations before jumping into romance.

I only tried the demo so far and I played a wrestling purist/heel/rule abiding type (was going for basically a gay D.Bry lol) and went for all the modest/shy options when it came to hooking up with folks since I wanted more career stuff first for my worker, but the game kind of makes you pick atleast one person from what I played to be interested in it seems. Does the scope open up a bit more after the demo? M/M isn’t really my thing but I can roleplay just fine so im okay with playing any character and besides from my dilemma the game story and the references were great!

Congrats to the writers for the release!

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