Life of a Mobster: Errors

I’ve found 3 errors since release. One is bad enough to send a fix immediately. Any others out there? I’ll take any and all, including typos etc. It’s nice to keep the number of updates to a minimum. :slight_smile:

  1. Typo:
    "A half our later we found the three of us in a back alley behind a seedy looking bar.:

  2. Neither True nor False, can crash game in last scene.

  3. Infinite loop when looking at Other Author’s games.

I chose to say that the money printing machine would never work. The response I got was…

"Nelson frowned, but ignored my words as he continued. “I hired a team of six people to run the machine itself.”

“I hired a team of six,” Nelson said. “They have all the skills needed to use the broken machinery to print the bills.”

I wasn’t sure if this was an error or not, but that’s the only passage I found that was questionable.

Maybe when I get ready to submit my WiP in a few months, you’ll share the code for linking to other author’s games? I thought that was a very classy touch and would like to do that as well.

A patch with the first errors mentioned has been sent.

Thanks, @HornHeadFan The “six” typo will go into any future patch.

I like the idea of the Hosted Authors helping each other too. :slight_smile:

@Lucid Hi! I’ve been really enjoying playing your game - Stayed up much too late the last few nights living the Life of a Mobster!

Here are some items for your review:
~ Jack was just as happy as I was about how the movies had gone. He should be: he got a Best Actress (*Actor) Oscar for the first one. he (*He) turned to me with a large smile and kissed me excitedly.

~ Hell, the truck was stolen anyway. The four of us walked far enough away from the hospital to call a cab without suspicion and then returned to Lucky Lanes. The silence between (*?) was cold and icy.

~ My own drug businesses was (*were) doing well, so I helped settle him in.(Needs 2 Drug Racket)

~ The girl I knew in the police force was happy to do it. She didn’t like the tactic any more than I did. She would never have done the trace in any other situation, but this was different. Within an hour, I had the address of where the phone call had come from. (Police Reputation +10)
Q: Wouldn’t it be more likely that I call my brother? He was in the force on this playthrough and had given me his “blessing”.

~ Tyler was very excited about my new promotion. I think he felt that this meant that I would suggest he get made. It was still the Don’s decision, and unfortunately for Tyler, Don Harcourt hated him. Although Tyler was my friend, (*actually he was my husband in this playthrough) I had to agree with Four Finger.

~ # I didn’t give Dana any advice. She knew what she was doing, and the money came in as it always did. She was a menace to society, but at least she was my menace. (Dana Relationship +10)
Q: Later the game said this: That meant that I owed $7000. It was a lot. It made me wonder if I shouldn’t have told Dana to take it easy. *But I did not tell her to take it easy.

~ “That meeting signalled (*signaled)the end of the good days,” I said to the young woman sitting in the car with me. She had listened with a rapt, but vacant, expression. This was the best we could get. The life of a mobster just wasn’t as appealing as the old movies made it out to be, yet there was no way out of it. I still managed to eke out a living, but there was no glamor (*glamour) in it anymore. All of my previous associates were dead, imprisoned, or missing; yet I was forced to trudge forward, day after day. The kid in the car turned his (*her) bored gaze to the car’s window, already forgetting my life story.

~ I don’t know what I expected, but it was too much for him to process. It was bad enough to explain that I was a member of an organized crime family, but to learn that I was also the one who murdered his parents was overwhelming. He took Tyler and left me. No visitation, no joint-custody, nothing. There was nothing I could do, I never did learn where they went. Unfortunately, my drug habit was beginning to spiral out of control. I couldn’t function properly without them.
* Ashton left me with our son but later game thought he was still with me: Ashton was very supportive through my struggles. He had never been tempted by drugs. He had lived a good, moral, and clean life. It was amazing that we were even together. “Please, go to rehab,” he pleaded with me. “Give them up.” Ashton stuck with me through it all, even though I continued to get worse. (Ashton Relationship -20)

I noticed that the name of the mob boss is always Terrance De Luca, is it supposed to never change or is it supposed to be the same as the family name?

Terrance De Luca is the current boss, regardless of the family name. Similar to Tony Soprano being the boss of the DiMeo crime family. It mentions it, if you pick a different family name. :slight_smile:

Still waiting for Apple to get its original update, although the others have gotten there’s. I’ll insert @piggleywinks errors in any future updates, along with any other errors people may find between now and then. :slight_smile:

If you choose to spend $600 on drugs and blackmail to get Jack/Jill the movie role, it deducts twice: first when you choose that option, then again when you choose to be professional and not participate in the partying.

If you choose to play poker and not cheat against the doctors, the text indicates you should receive a Citizens bonus, but the star does not change.

Thanks again for the error finds. There’s an error in the Android code, I’m told, so that means another patch is getting sent out today. The good side of that is that it lets me include the fixes to all these errors. :slight_smile:

Fixed it!

Fixed both!

Awesome catches. Fixed them all!

It’s tricky, writing in a different language. I’m Canadian, so I want to use colour, centre and signalled. :slight_smile:

But, I went with the US language for this game. So, I changed it to signaled.

I figured glamor would be correct, but nope, you’re right. :slight_smile: So I changed it back to glamour.

Does this mean I’m getting close to bi-lingual? :slight_smile:

Dealing with Herman is bugged. If I kill him, the others know, even if I do the subterfuge route or tell the others he got away if I chase him. If I chase him and try persuade, Jimmy/Freddie/Dana kills him and even if I choose to tell them the truth, they act like he got away.

Thanks, @Zeekay980, I got that error fixed just in time for the next patch. :slight_smile:

Great game.

Two errors I noticed:

  1. If you are a city counselor and try to turn informant, Alex/Alexis warns you that you have to give up your political career, and you get an option to change your mind. However, if you do change your mind, the game continues on as if you have chosen to turn informant.

  2. If you are dating/married to Tyler/Taylor and they leave town in certain circumstances (I know this happens if they leave if you leave them for Steff; it might happen if they leave town after your child is killed in the kidnapping) your relationship is ended (and the kid(s) are gone) but the game proceeds as if they are still present (they can deal with the drunk/Sato Family still requests their death).

Thanks, @RangerC

I found #1 and fixed it. It won’t show up on the next update though, since it’s already sent in.

I’d love to know specifics of #2, especially after version 1.0.2 I might have already fixed it, since I fixed one case of that happening. The 1.0.2 will start showing up in different platforms soon.

@Lucid Hi! Here is something for your review:

~ “It’s done,” Four Finger said when it was all over. “The bosses met and they agreed that your friend had no way of knowing that you were being attacked by a made man. There will be no repercussions.” It was all over and Tyler was back in my life again. We moved in together almost immediately.
*Q: Tyler and I had already moved in together but when he proposes marriage, this happens if I say No:
~ The look in his eyes said it all. He was very sad about my response, of course. I thought I was going to lose him, but instead of leaving me, he suggested that we move in together.

I said yes.

I said no.

How can I get five relationships in the game??

@piggleywinks The move-in error is fixed for the next update, although there is no update planned at this time.

@StarWarsMaster Head over to Lots of people there who like to give outgame help. I’m saving this thread for errors. :slight_smile:

I went to look at my stats when I had just had my second baby without naming it and suddenly it said that we weren’t able to have anymore children! WHYYYYYYYYYY (cries)

MI have heard of this. It’s an error in Choicescript that occurs on some platforms where the random variable is re-randomized upon looking at the stats. What platform was this? I know that this doesn’t occur in most of them, but I’m curious as to where it still exists.

And, sorry for your loss. :frowning:

Another bug for a future fix:
“ > Purchased this game and noticed that at the point when you are released from jail and you get to decide what to do next the option of to loan your money for interest option takes you to a point where you have to name your business but even when there is text in that box it does not recognize it and keeps asking you to enter it before moving on!”

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Thanks for answering! I use a kindle fire HD :smile: I’ll just keep pressing the stats button til it goes back then (>.<)

Yoo! Amazing game!!! Played it thousand times! And noticed recently a bug! Don’t know where to post it and i hope it will be fixed !!

It is when i and Tyler escape from bar, we have the sato man chasing us. So you are given multiply options and the one that says ''police hatred actually saved us" leads to the sato leaving us and driving away and cops to pass our hideout cuz we are mafia yeah! But then it says that four men got out and shooting erupted and blah blah.

It was strange for me cuz it was nowhere mentioned that the sato actually were following us or just stoped with their car or something. I think it is an code error cuz it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe i am missing something??

Edit: 3 years?? Jeez sorry to wake up a dead thread…

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