Life of a Mobster (WIP)

I’ve decided to start a topic for random discussion so that I don’t clog the other threads. :slight_smile:

Life of Gangster is a brand new project of mine that I will be writing through November’s NANOWRIMO. Another thread exists to talk about that aspect. :slight_smile:

It will follow the life of a person who gets into crime and eventually joins an organized crime family.

It won’t be historical, but it will use many of the terms associated with the topic. The time frame will be ambiguous, but will be “around present day”.

It’s all just thoughts at this point, but I have a lot of notes made. I’m suspecting that it will have a similar feel to Life of a Wizard.

This reminds me of a korean film My Wife Is a Gangster :wink: not the whole wife thing but the concept of gangsters way of life and codes.

cool idea. I like the idea of playing as a criminal lol

Hmmm… awkward.

Myself, and two other CoG Forumers are currently working on a game called Life of a Gangster, which follows the life of a person who gets into crime and joins an organised crime gang…

Is there any protocol for what happens in a situation like this?

You must duel to the death in a cage match with spiked gauntlets.

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My game also involves you wether to be in a gang aswell and as a gang member…

I’ll change mine to Life of a Mobster. I like the “Life of” title because of Life of a Wizard.

When do you expect to complete yours? I imagine there’s lots of content and two games with a similar theme would be very different. Lots of zombies, star ship captains and other similar themed games, so there should be room for two.

I have started mine at the moment

Lucid what is yours about just to make sure there isn’t a clash

Perhaps a moderator could change this title to Life of a Mobster?

It’s not about gangs at all. More like Goodfellas, the Godfather and the Sopranos.

Don’t think our games will clash

Thanks Lucid.

Ours will take a while. We’re a team of three working on it part time (it’s been ongoing since End of July). Ours is mission based with a similar storyline to yours gluing it together. With other projects on the go as well, it will take a long time to complete - certainly not in November (if that’s what you’re aiming for with NANOWRIMO).

Ours is less mafia, more gang related.

Mine is gang related

@Ramidel cage match huh… let the battle begin then >:) … im kidding, glad you guys had an agreement now :wink:

Question what is the difference between a mafia and gang? I think it’s the same but can anybody clarify?

That’s great. I didn’t want to step on any toes, but I’m really excited about this story/game. :slight_smile:

Gangs are groups of people who physically fight for territory and protect each other.

Mafia is a little more sophisticated and use racketeering and protection more than the other.

Probably a better definition out there. :slight_smile:

I would have thought that unless you want to get your game confused with Lucid’s it’s best to steer clear of the “Life of a…” title. Since Lucid’s already got a “Life of a Wizard” published, people might jump to the conclusion that “Life of a Gangster” is by the same writer. That could mean that those who didn’t like Life of a Wizard won’t look at your game, and also that they will have certain expectations of the style of the game, and so be disappointed if it doesn’t meet them.

Even “A Gangster’s Life” would be enough variation to separate yourself. Or something else of a Gangster. Or Gangsters&Guns… like Dungeons&Dragons but gangsters. :slight_smile:

Thug Life, yo. :slight_smile:

Gangster and Guns … sounds promising title since @Lucid stated gangs do more physical damage and then bam one gang uses deadly guns :smiley: they will be like worship the almighty power of guns ^:)^

Thug Life? … is that like “Yo wazzap hommie, thiz our turf so you better get &*%$ out, you dig dog!” did i get that right?

Yup. :slight_smile:

Ever play (or see) Warriors? (“Can you dig it?”) or Gangs of New York? Those are bit cheesy, but great. Crips and Bloods are real life examples.

The difference between doing a drive-by shooting with your pants falling off or eating spaghetti in a three-piece suit. All sorts of stereotypes. :slight_smile:

I would rather have shooting with a three-piece suit to look cool rather than a shooting spree and have my pants falling having me to grab that falling pants…

I picture the scenario to be bad ending with the falling pants…

Me thug: eat my bullets &*%$! *shoots people* >:)
Co thug: Yo my man i hear the cops, lets split! *runs to the car*
Me thug: wait for me Doug! *trying to run but pants keep on falling* wait!!! *hears the siren* Doug don’t you efing leave me! you hear me! don’t! *falls flat on the ground since the pants fell* :expressionless:

And so my life as a thug end with me behind bars and with no pants at all. =D>

See i would rather really wear the three-piece suit at least i can brag that it is made of Armani or Prada :smiley:

I prefer to have the shoot out with my pants falling. That way the other guy is distracted by my lack of clothing, giving me an open shot at riddling him with bullets. They’ll name me “No-belt Tommy.”