Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]

Hello Everyone,

I know my recent game just game out, The Great Tournament 2, but I figured I give you an update on some other things I have been working on, since I have a few people messaging me. I actually have several Work in Progresses (WIPs), not sure if I will finish each one as I tend to start one, and then get another idea and work on another. For example, I started a sci-fi one that involved you being a pilot in which you work closely with an android, but quickly switched to another involving getting lost on a camping trip.

There is one Work In Progress I keep coming back to and have been working on and off for several months. I actually have about three chapters written, but I am only sending a link to the first chapter. It is an older version too, so don’t worry so much about typos, just trying to get an idea on what you think of the characters. (It is only 1 chapter so you might not be able to fully understand the personalities and motivations, but two of the characters are from TG2.)


Chapter 1 - Demo

If you could play a game right now which would it be?

  • Life of Mercenary (Dark Medieval Fantasy)
  • Getting lost on a camping trip (Mystery / Survival)
  • Pilot (Sci-fi and Action)
  • I would play any of these

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Update #1: A lot more scenes have been written, but not yet updated on the link.

Update #2: Hi all, I am considering changing the name to A Mercenary’s Life. There is a series on hosted games that starts with “Life of” (Life of a Wizard and Life of a Mobster).

Update #3: If you wish to sign up to be a beta tester or simply give feedback please take this survey**

Update #4: Beta is up and running!



You surely know how to write medieval…
And Ramshorn… im happy to see this story takes place in the same realm with GT sequel, also looking forward to see two of the characters from it.

Companions are quite exciting as well. disagreements between people and you being the tiebreaker has always been interesting for me, and i think also for many others.

Being a mercenary is interesting as well… You added a bit of economy and finance—through a company—into it which gives a nice taste besides the adventure of it.

Putting the story off the table, i always admired your writing ability. Even with a short chapter you let us live the story from the very beginning of it and i already have the scenery in my mind.

I would be glad to see you keep working on this story more :slight_smile:

P.S: In GT sequel we didn’t have the chance to save and i think thats how you want us to play, but as for the demo you should probably want to put a saving option (when you add more chapters) so we can continue from where we left. I dont know if its possible by cookies but i think it wasn’t on dashingdon, i see you uploaded this is to somewhere else tho.

EDIT: Also wondering if it happens to be in the same time as GT, maybe small encounters would be a nice thing to see :slight_smile:


I am not a native speaker, but that sounds weired, nice work so far

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Nice work! I like it!


I love being a mercenary its all about that beautiful money.


to me i like how this story is going i hope you keep on going


Money. Glorious Money!


Is Life of a Mercenary sort of a spin-off from Great Tournament? I think it can have lots of potential …as we know the kingdom of Brunish is in turmoil , Lady Antonia may or may not be dead…could it be that the Mercenary be given a choice of either helping Lady Antonia or Frederick to gain the throne of Brunich? :smile:

But i do hope you can consider a spin-off with the Kingdom of Valyrian as well , for me it is interesting to involve in a Knight-Kingdom … kind of like Kingdom of Bretonia of Warhammer , and since Lady Knights are given prominent role in Valyra, such as Lady Elena and Karina, i suppose the protagonist can be a female Main Character as well… although i am not sure whether Valyra accept a Queen like Magincia did :slight_smile:

and some Barbarian Tribes are still disrespectful to female even if she is a Queen … one Barbarian tribe even dare to kidnap Queen Hannah during the peace negotiation It remind me of a story in the Conan Chronicle where the Queen endure a cruel and tragic fate :sweat:, but in the Great Tournament universe, it is a similar world like the Conan universe where Barbarian Tribes are still strong , Magincia is the most civilised kingdom of them all … so it will be interesting to see how Female Protagonist rise to prominent there :slight_smile:
Anyway, you had already done marvelous job on all of Lady Elena , Karina , Nadine and Abilene as Female warriors , they are all equivalent to Red Sonja (Conan’s counterpart) for my opinion :smile:

Definitely looking forward to read more medieval theme story from you @Jerieth :smile:


Finally I’ve decided to try the demo, thanks to @Eric_knight. I like the idea of being a captain mercenary and of course, it’s all about the money :grin: I’m anxious to see how the story goes


You are welcome , i am happy to gain one more fan to @Jerieth’s work :smile:

Hey…i chose the option “To help People” … and i laugh so hard when the author gives the remark " Yeah…Right "

But i AM helping people, i help Vera by adopting her to my merry band of mercenaries :grin: the story start off very encouragingly , can’t wait to train Vera into my spy-assassin … is it an Evil act though :thinking: ? I do need to find a valid reason to allow Vera to stay right ??


Yeah :joy: I’ve chosen that option in the first time then I was like: Who am I lying to? I’m doing it for the money!

I’m suspected to answer that, I’m the one who likes killing people :grin:

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Well… we are helping people and for the money at the same time … we do have choice about what type of missions we accept right? :grin: we also can rob the rich and help the poor at the same time :smile:

Killing evil people is Good … not only we are saving innocent people by killing the bad one, we are also saving the bad one from committing more sins …Lol :smile:

But i suspect Vera can’t really assassinate anyone , i am worry about sending her to such mission :thinking:

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That’s a good way to put it :grin:

Yeah, but like MC said she’s a good talker so we can use it in terms of diplomacy, right?

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High Five !!! My friend … :smile: glad we are on the same page :grin:

Good point… Vera could help us in negotiating a better deal and at the same time persuading information from unsuspecting people … She will be the perfect spy to eavesdrop useful information as well, not to mention…she seems good in management skill (she is a merchant’s daughter) , hence she definitely could help managing our castle when we are away … :smile:

most importantly, Vera will want to stay with us voluntary …it will save us lots of cost of hiring another mercenary as well :sweat_smile:

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Exactly!! High five, dude :wink:


I like this, but if it ends up with all the RNG that is in GT, I might pass. I got really tired of restarting 50 plus times, because I kept missing tournaments or got there early and thus wasted time. RNG is my bane, and I might be one of the most despised humans to the RNG gods.

Please I play these game so that my decisions and not random chance matters. @Jerieth

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High Five again !!! our Mercenary Guild will be the deadliest and most Vigilant of them all …one day perhaps we can even set up a little Kingdom of our own :grin: :joy:


Yeah! I like the idea of being a queen, I could get used to it :laughing: The whole thing of royalty, knights swearing in my name… Yes, definitely.


"Long Live The Queen ! God saves The Queen ! " :blush:

for my case:

"Long Live the King ! God saves The King ! " :grin:


Exactly, love it :joy: I actually can make it work. I just have to write a book and put myself in it