Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]



Oh… you are writing a book as well ?

Remember to let me read it when it’s complete …ok ? :grin:


ARLO AND ANNE! I was surprised when i read their name, i did’nt expect to see them here. And maybe this will uncover the story behind “The Captain” and how he disappeared,


You will probably Die in your first mission.


It is pretty interesting so far any love triangle planned


Sure, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready :wink:

Really? I think this just makes things more interesting


Oh no… its a gamebreaker for me. If i die in the first mission, i get extremely disappointed and have hard times connecting with MC. Crybaby…


Yeah, maybe. But that depends on how the writer deals with the situation, don’t you think?
The MC can die and then rise again with strangely powers, for example.


Reminds me of a certain Game of Thrones episode


I never watched GoT but for what I heard, that’s quite possible :grin:


Hmm, wouldn’t that be unfair for the ones that plays ‘better’ than others. Of course its a choice game and all paths lead to different, exciting scenarios so there is no better way to play but what i mean is like optimizing better stats and choosing logical options, or playing to their strengths.

But if the story is catching like one of the Jacic’s, it definitely wouldn’t be a gamebreaker.

I will check topics about dying and if not i might create a topic to discuss how to make dying interesting :slight_smile:


Wow… thanks a lot , i am honoured :grin:

Hmmm…i will have to disagree because in my universe’s Timeline , Malik never survive and Queen Hannah rules alongside her husband who won the Great Tournament :wink: Thus making the Kingdom a much safer and civilised Monarchy :blush:

Although i didn’t watch much of GoT episodes , but i am assuming you are talking about the infamous “Red Wedding” :wink: ?

Well… to be honest i believe that storyline is a clear example on what will happen if you don’t have competent court adviser(s) during a War campaign … that outcome can be totally avoid if the protagonist Rob Stark had made a wiser decision , perhaps he didn’t really prepare his campaign well due to lack of good advisers ?

I will compare Rob Stark’s tragic wedding(involvement) to the Chinese Literacy “Romance of 3 Kingdoms” Liu Bei , Liu Bei is sort of the equivalent of Rob Stark , where both of them were kind hearted and honourable , but both lack wisdom in a war campaign … Luckily for Liu Bei , he had the fabled court adviser/wizard ZhuGe Liang to help him prepare for every military decision , in Liu Bei’s wedding to the Kingdom of Wu , who was perceived as less notorious than the House Frey… ZhuGe Liang had fully estimated the likely betrayal of Kingdom Wu, hence one of his Tiger General Zhao Yun had been task with a 24 hours protection duty to Liu Bei … in addition to the support of his 2 other Generals camp not far from hostile territory, needless to say ZhuGe Liang manage to smuggle Liu Bei safely back to friendly territory after the wedding…
In Contrast , House Stark blindly sent most generals along with himself to a wedding Unarmed …in an attempt to prolong the support of House Frey , even after Rob himself betray a marriage vow ? This shown clear example of incompetence ( no disrespect to House Stark … but i can’t find another word to describe his decision)

So it was to my believe that , tragedy can be avoid with good decision making in a medieval universe… well, so far i haven’t been defeated in the Great Tournament Universe , i am fully confident i can survive this as well :smile: :grin:


I vote for the logical one. Is not always that your high stat is the better choice… If the writer choose make things that way.

I agree :grin:


I’d say it’s more like the episode where Jon Snow comes back to life cause they said raising back to life.
But yeah the wedding is their fault, if Rob married the Frey daughter (she didn’t even look bad) and gave the Freys control over the region they wouldn’t have any reason to betray him. He could have also not marry her but have better advisers who’d anticipate the betrayal and launch a surprise attack against the Freys and later siege the Twins


He meant Jon Snow being revived by Melisandre i think.


Now this is a game I look forward to. Not only bc the gender-choice, but bc The Captain and Vera are characters I would like to know more about ever since I played the MCs kid route in GT2. Also it will be nice to play a game where Arlo and Anne are more important characters than they were in GT2.

Anyway I suppose it’s fair to assume that a chronological order for the games would be Swamp Caste -> Life of a Mercenary -> GT1 and 2

I wonder do you plan for all your games to be set in the same world (like @Lucid does)? I think it’s interesting when an author does that since that way the player can learn a lot about the world they came up with.



Hey thanks buddies :smile:
Now i feel more relax , so it is about Jon Snow’s Resurrection ? that’s awesome…come to think of it, perhaps Vera is a priestess like Melisandre :smile:

I didn’t play as MC’s child in Great Tournament 2, initially i assume Life of Mercenary happens after Great Tournament 2 ??

I am happy that you are willing to give Great Tournament series a chance and sincerely likes some of its element … "Life of a Mercenary " seems very promising , with both you and @K4therine showing positive interest towards the story, hopefully it will help generate wider interest towards @Jerieth 's work :smile:

sorry for my bias towards Great Tournament series, because it is only one of 2 story that introduce me to the HG/CoG universe … the other is “Vampire House” (non-Gender lock), so i always hope authors of these 2 titles can continue their writings :grin:


I think I never understood that game :joy:

Always glad to help :wink: let’s spread the word, guys!


I just finished demo. It’s good that playing with friends in GT2 :wink:
I would like some romance maybe( a little bit)
And some fast but organized war scenes.
Good job and keep your work as best @Jerieth


When Arlo and Anne parted ways with MCs child their plan was to look for Vera and the Captain. And Life of a Mercenary starts with them meeting Vera for the first time. That I think makes it obvious that GT2 must happen after Life of a Mercenary.

Well I admit I probably wouldn’t have given GT2 a chance if I wouldn’t have heard about the option to play as the MCs child. And when I’ve played that it came as a surprise how much I like the way the author writes. Actually it’s that good imo that now I’m trying other routes too with the original genderlocked MC.


Hmmm… since the Great Tournament 2 has many branches, it could be that the Timeline can be different ? but what you mentioned was logical too :smile:

personally i think this is an awesome compliment for Great Tournament series :blush: perhaps i should learn from you ( to be open minded ) and try some genderlocked female story as well… it should be an unique experience :smile:

Yes… it was very character driven , the characters there have unique personality that make us either love them or hate them… well, obviously i hate Malik :smile:

You are awesome… friend :grin: