*New project* Mafioso *adult*

Demo will be coming in the upcoming weeks if everything keeps going smoothly! :smile:

Hello, I’ve played other interactives about crime, and the mafia. And I thought I would have my own two cents thrown in there. Some great titles you must check out are
-life of a mobster
-Vendetta Rise of a gangster

Now with that said I have many new ideas to throw in, but really don’t have any experience with the choice engine script and such. But I will learn and get it rolling. If you would like to get involved with the project let me know, thank you.

Update: Found two awesome team members that both know about scripting and are writers as well, so full steam ahead!

Will have adult content such as killings, sexual romances, crime, and ect.
Plot: There are many ways to start from being a street beggar, to having wealthy parents. And how you get into the family is your choice, and how you raise in rank is also set on you, making moral choices can lead to your demise but making ruthless decisions can lead to a promotion but at the cost of lifes such as friends and family. Become a elite soldier as you serve your boss in the golden eras of mobsters 30s- early 60s. Battle againsts other organizations, while defending your family, or neighborhood, but then again you can let it rot since its your past. Your new life as a Mafioso.

Again, if you want to be apart of the project or just give some advice/help message me or drop a reply! Also it’s adult theme rated so you can be as explicit as you’d like.

Team Members: Addicted, johnll


I really like the idea it’s a great concept


Sound great and would defently want to be apart of this

This sounds interesting and I would like to be apart of this project. Also how gritty and adult are we talking about?

Sounds great, message me for further details and such.

I would like to be a part of this. Sounds interesting.

I put that in there so there would be no real restriction of creativeness. I plan on some disturbing scenes that real life situations occur. And that would be great just message me for further details and such!

Sounds really cool man!

Sounds cool! I’ll love to see where this goes. I wouldn’t mind giving general advice but I’m don’t know much about the Mafia to give any advice on that.

@VitoCore, are we gonna rob a bank?

I’ve always liked mafia style games. I’m in.

Yes I would but define being a part of it do you mean the regular wip stuff play it give review point out bugs hmm okay but I’m better with ideas and you have stepped into an old fascination of mine so just ask

hey I would like to help you out with the process I’m a newbie too but I would still like to help you pm me what you want help with and I’ll help you out

I’ll be honest ive never made a CoG before so im a complete nboob at creating them But i have played easily over 250 text based games both story and choice of games so id like to help even if its just helping you come up with ideas

Looking forward to your work. We definitely need more mafia games.

And viking games.

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will this game be similar to gta

Will be similar to life of a mobster but with some more explicit scenes aimed for only adults.


oooooo i’m pretty excited for a demo!

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Id love to be apart of this, and help out if i can.

I’d be willing to help with whatever you need. I feel like we need more explicit games being offered.

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