Would anyone be interested in seeing this concept as a game?

Ok so i am working on my first game, and would like to know what you think of the concept i came up with.

So, in the game you play as a vigilante, you get to decide what you are known as to the public (you will either get options, or you will be able to type in your own name), what your methods are (for example: you could be a vigilante who uses guns, or knives to murder criminals at random, or you could be a more technologically powered vigilante who uses his skills on his computer to track down criminals and bring them to justice), you can decide your morale code, (whether or not you feel fine with killing for example), and you can choose what you wear when hunting criminals. These choices all affect how the public sees you, and by the end they will either love you or fear you. (you should probably note that absolutely none of this is based on real life vigilantes, it is just a concept i thought would be cool)

Another thing about the game, is a guy you meet around the beginning, you can decide details of him as well, (where you met, what his name is, what he looks like, etc) by the end,depending on what choices you make throughout the game, he is either your greatest enemy, who will attempt to kill you, or your best friend, who will assist you in fighting crime.

There will be about 5 possible endings. Not quite sure yet what the stats would be.

Is anyone at all interested in this idea?

any suggestions would be much obliged

Yes, this would be interesting.

And vigilante activities is a crime in most places, so you could include instances where the player would have to run from the police. Or deal with it however they want.

I like what you have so far. Reminds me of Liberal Crime Squad.

That idea could work very well for a game – the trick is in your execution of it…

yes, i will have to work very hard on it, I’ve yet to start it, as i am still working on all the places the story could go, but the core concept is there

It’s a great concept. I grew up reading The Punisher, so vigilante stories are up my alley. Good luck with it, and please share it so we can provide feedback.

You need to find the characters motivation.

This sounds like a really cool idea, I think you should go for it!

“You need to find the characters motivation.”

actually, the characters motivation may be another option i give the player

I would love to play a game like that~
Looking forward to it.

I feel like having some sort of seduction method… :3 Also… Quite secretive (Just musing… :D)

sounds awesome, lol i agree with norton.

This seems like it could be a really interesting idea, looking forward to it.

If you are taking the seduction suggestion, it would be nice if it isn’t heteronormative.

I don’t really see how being seductive fits into this genre, personally.

Well I guess you could seduce a cop or something to distract them and allow you to get away or something

Or you can get close to targets through flirting.

Or you could use seduction to see how flirty and nonchalant your character is in dangerous situations and how cocky they are.

What does seductiveness have to do with nonchalants or cockiness in a dangerous situation?

Seduction could become a stat, if I can find some interesting things to do with it