Would anyone be interested in seeing this concept as a game?

Reminds me of Dexter, it sounds like it could be really interesting. Good luck with that. :smiley:

To answer ScarletGeisha it doesn’t really but I was thinking of catwoman and how she would always flirt or act cocky when she was in danger when I wrote that.

One of the things I liked the least about Choice of the Dragon was how pragmatic stats were directly linked to personality stats. I could see seduction giving a bonus to confidence, but it shouldn’t be confidence all on its own. Particularly, if I played this game, I’d probably do someone like Jason Bourne. Confident, but not really brimming with sexual attraction.

person of interest, thursdays @9 on cbs, enough said

Take out seduction, which quite frankly wouldnt get used that often (seduction may give you an advantage in some scenarios, but not every bad guy can be taken down with just a ‘bash of the eyelashes’ so to speak), and why not replace it with a more general Charisma attribute, or maybe less general Charm and Intimidation attributes?

Well maybe Seduction can be used to help get a love interest in it and maybe some big hotshot criminal finds out about the love interest and takes them away from u and u have to save them and just throwing this idea out there and this game sounds really good

Or maybe the hotshot criminal IS the love interest. Gotta love the good/evil love.

Got that right pegle

Love the idea remind me of batman and punisher looking forward to playing the demo or full game

I’ve finally started making this game, I’ve done the introduction, but I will probably edit it thoroughly before i release any sort of demo. I’m just wondering, would you guys like for there to be an option as to what gender your character is, or would you not mind? A lot of people seem to get annoyed if there isn’t a gender option, but it really wouldn’t effect the story, or choices in the slightest bit (there will be no romance in the game).

A gender option is an absolute must.

It just seems like a waste of effort, considering it won’t effect anything to do with the story in the slightest

A gender option would be a good addition, just to make everyone happy, BUT its always the writers choice whether or not to include that. Some may not like it but the fact is that it doesnt affect anything.

If you never mention the protagonist’s gender at all during the story, that’s fine. But if the game refers to the character as a ‘he’ and does not give the player the option to have the game refer to the character as a ‘she’, that is not fine.

How about having it as a fake choice so that people can cement their character’s gender in their imaginations but it doesn’t actually affect anything?

Hmm, I guess a fake choice would be fine if it makes you guys happy.

@wwww78 Yaaay! Thank you! You’re the best!

This again!?!? Seriously, it’s a little sexist to have the character automatically be a he, but sometimes you need them to be.

Most guys don’t understand how much the choice to play a woman can affect things. You people see yourselves everywhere after all.

Now I’m more interested in this.

I thought: Watchmen. This sounds interesting. Gender option, as they said up there, is a must. I absolutely hate when you have to be a male. As a genderqueer, I consider it ridiculous that I can’t play as a woman when I please.

Romance option does not necessarily mean “and they lived happily ever after”, you could have a romance affect the non-romantic/non-sexual relationships of the character. Maybe the romance option is a villain, a hero that dies because of you; maybe you both die because an enemy found your secret identity.

I keep remembering this scene from both the comic and the movie (yeah, Watchmen again) where Silhouette and her lover are found dead on their bed with “lesbian whores” written in blood on the back wall. That’s some powerful stuff! You could use it. However, it’s only a suggestion.

@Epicazeroth Why would a character ever need to be male? That seems like an odd assertion and I’d like to understand your reasoning.