Life of a Mobster

Wow, it actually released for Android before Apple? Lovin’ it!

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“New Daria” Is that an allusion to The Lost Heir I see :D?

Actually, Life of a Wizard took place in Daria. :wink:

Downloaded, the funny thing is already play game 50 times during beta lol :))

That, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, thanks for the mention in the beginning! One thing, though, is that it seems like the only way to get out of the “check out these other authors” choice is to restart.

Playing it now and loving it so far.

Hmmm, worked in Beta. I’m waiting on Apple. Thanks for playing, everyone! Feel free to rate it. :slight_smile:

I left a 5/5 rating on Android!

I’ll rate it when I finished but my phone just died on me (so far though it’s another 5/5 game as far as I’m concerned!)

5/5 FOR MY PART has poison and you could become senator best game ever.

Oh, Mara xD

@Lucid you did a great job on this game unfortunately however I probably won’t buy it just because I played it like 10 times for the beta test


@Farmboy i have as moral principle buy all the games i beta test except Nola for other moral reasons. If author give his trust and you believe the game is good the less we could do it support his work

I agree with Mara.

5/5 Amazing game!

is it out on chrome web-store yet?

No worries, @Farmboy Finding errors during beta is wonderful and I appreciate it. I also appreciate all the great ratings. :slight_smile:

Just found it on Chrome :slight_smile:

Thanks @Idainn

Apple and Amazon to go!

To be honest @poison_mara lack of funds is part of the problem