Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Withdrawn

Just a quick note to thank those of you who supported this effort. However, it’s clear to me now that this persecution will never end so it’s extremely unlikely the game would ever get published under the ChoiceScript banner. Much as I have enjoyed the project, I am simply not prepared to waste literally months of my life in a pointless pursuit, only to no doubt ultimately be told that it’s just not “PC” enough for this day & age.

It’s a sad day for the gaming hobby–but then, I’m biased. I’ve no doubt some here consider it a very happy day indeed.

I will leave Chapter One available for posterity.


I really don’t know where this persecution complex is coming from. As far as I remember, it’s only Canisa and I actively arguing against the exclusion, with Reaperoa and Andymwhy and probably one or two more I forgot remaining neutral, and everyone else supporting you. We’re the minority in this.

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I am so sorry to hear that, but it seemed to be more people who enjoyed it than despised it. Where will it be published instead?

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@Bikkje Yes, a very small but highly vocal minority felt strongly enough about it to harrass and annoy me into very foolishly using the word “gestapo”, and then rather expertly (kudos, btw) played on that, blowing this up out of all proportion, to the point where CoG themselves have felt the need to take sides–even though I had deliberately stopped posting in vain hope that it would all blow over. Ergo: CoG has spoken, the game is doomed.


Oh god why?
I had been looking forward to playing this game so much!
But i totally understand your decision and i agree, when someone just deliberately tries to derail your thread and does it at every chance they get it is annoying as hell.
As long as the game is still going to be playable i don’t really give a fuck if i play it with choicescript or not.


If you’re talking about @jasonstevanhill closing your thread, I think he only did that because the conversation had spiraled into dozens of comments about Nazis, and as moderator, he felt that particular thread was unsalvageable.

He hoped a new one could start afresh and avoid those pitfalls – I don’t think it had anything to do with your game at all.

My advice? Take a breather, write another chapter. Ignore a certain someone who doesn’t understand that ‘no’ means ‘no.’ Even if you choose not to use this forum as a sounding board and beta test, CoG will still publish your story – selectable gender is their preference, not a requirement for others.

@jasonstevanhill is a cool dude, you can write him to talk about all this.

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The thread lock had nothing to do with CoG’s approval of the game. It was merely a problem with conduct.

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Thats sad. I was really looking forward to play the full game. The conversation got derailed, I admit, but i dont think you should drop the writing just because of that. There is a large support for this project and just a minority that has something bad to say. So I really hope that you would do as @HoraceTorys said and take some time and just write another chapter without looking this forum too much.

@Vendetta , you have a great writing style and your game has a lot of potential. Quitting now would disappoint everyone on this forum, including that certain someone. Just carry on what you were doing at the end of the last thread, namely ignoring non-topic problems. Let the game speak for itself and the community will give you good constructive criticism to take your game to the next level.
We all have faith in your abilities. Let them shine through.

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T^T im sad you choosing to stop this project, since i saw so much potential in it. I do hope u take @HoraceTorys suggestion, but in the end the choice is up to u.

For whatever it is worth I really loved your story and your writing style, and do hope that if you decide to pick up this project again you do so because you want to and not because others want you to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to write Vendetta, although it was short I enjoyed it.

For what it’s worth, Vendetta. At first glance, I didn’t want to play your game. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the sheer amount of ‘Infos’ that I was attacked with at first glance. I don’t know.

However, when I did start the game, I was completely enriched in it. To me, personally, it felt just like Mafia 2. For me, that’s an awesome thing. I hope you continue it, and please talk to Jason, he is a really cool and tempered guy. You will really enjoy talking to him.

I do hope you reconsider.Your writing really sucks you into the story.If you don’t finish it could you at least post here to let us know of any other games you make?

I really don’t understand why it was closed at the National Socialist German Workers’ Party accusations and not before. It was out of control before that. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but that to me seems dangerously close to the attitude that some people have about the Shoah (no, I’m not Jewish) never happening. It seemed to me that the discussion was out of proportion and control way before that. But seriously, don’t withdraw the game just because of some people going crazy over a tiny little lack of one choice. Also, I do know what Nazi means, I just don’t like slang.

Quite few of use that what to see game throught, and it would great disppointment to your fan of game, there product not reach light for something not even consider set back. So just work releasing chapters.

Wait, you’re quitting because of the opinions of two people? You’re letting that be the reason your pride and joy is being added to the legions of forever unfinished games doomed to be forgotten? All that research and planning gone to waste because of a minority of two?

So I do breathe the sweet scent of victory, borne on the fresh and pleasant air of a world that, while perhaps no closer to justice, is, at least, no further from it.

I think you made the right choice, Vendetta.

PLZ NOOOOOO!!! I think you’re game had such an amazing style, plz dont let two pesks (well one pesk and one nice person who might have disagreed but wasnt obnoxious) ruin it ):

Although I do agree with you to a point, there’s no need to be too agressive. It seems that Canisa was begging for it.

Dont listen to these hatefull comments. I do think you should continue writing no matter what people say. You have the right to write however you like and no one should be able to take that privilege away from you. But of cource it is completely your choice what you decide to do and atleast I will support your decision whatever it is going to be.

@Canisa I warned you privately about your aggressive argumentation. You have persisted to the point of provoking a fellow conmunity member into dropping a project. Finally, rather than expressing any sort of remorse, you have publicly gloated over your victory. You are hereby banned from these forums for no less than six months.


@Vendetta – please reconsider. It’s a great game, and I was excited to see it go to completion and be among the Hosted Games catalog. Seeing the many people here providing support hopefully will change your mind.