Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Withdrawn

@Vendetta Please do not drop the game, seeing as how only two people people complained about the game, and that the most aggressive and obnoxious of them has become banned from the forums for 6 months. It also seems that most people who tried the demo think that you have an amazing style when writing and that the game showed great promise.

@Vendetta I hope you’ll see the reaction of the community here, possibly speak to Jason, and reconsider.

If Canisa’s last comment was any indicator I really don’t think you should put too much stock in their words. Either they’re a troll, or they’ve got some sort of social disability like Asperger’s, which they haven’t learned to deal with, in which case they probably don’t realize how unreasonable they’re being.

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i really hope you continue this game its was very fun to play and i played like 6 possibly only on the prologue and lost count when the chapter 1 came out, man it got me really hoked to it so please don’t drop it i really want to see more.

Jason, may I be the first to say that I took a screenshot of that comment. It’ll brighten up my day.
Canisa makes me want to flip a table every time she says something.
Onto something more positive.

@Vendetta Please pay attention, this community is up in arms telling you to not give up on your project. We’re all expecting, and feverishly hoping, that you’ll come back and tell us that the project’s back on track. It’s a shame to see all that work for naught, and we’d hate for a promising game, such as yours, to be ignored.

It’d definitely be a shame if you decided to stop work on this project, considering how promising it already looks. If you finished it and maintained the level of quality you’ve included in chapter one, I’d happily say that it’d be the best game of all (including official games) on this site.

One person pesters someone enough and I lose the one story that kept me checking back every day… Lovely… Just grand and peachy.

Just to be on the safe side, let’s not mention a certain political party by name anymore.

As you see there good amount of small want to see you game finish.

I’ll add my voice to those who are asking you to please reconsider. You have an amazing product in the works. Please don’t let the opinions of a few detractors drown out the many, many people who are very enthusiastic about the project.

I hope also that we can all take a lesson from this: even when we disagree, we can be polite about it. When we just start comparing each other to Nazis, nobody wins.

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Hopefully we can all look at the bright side and benefit from this. Nobody wins an argument, therefore there is no point in arguing (unless it’s a friendly debate). Vendetta, there’s a lot of people here that support you, so I hope you continue your work =)

So are you going to leave us hanging?

You told me you were going to keep writing !
So, you have to keep writing !


Just kidding, but I’d like you to :slight_smile:

God no, I was really liking it! please please please reconsider! I was getting into the story so much! don’t listen to the haters, they are certainly the minority!

The Main complainer has been banned for 6 months (I think he should be banned for good, but I guess he may be ready to turn over a new leaf in 6 months) he won’t bother you, and you’ll have the complete support from the rest of us.

@Canisa is a she. I think.

Canisa is a she. Typical of male normative attitudes on the internet.

No, I’m not going to defend Canisa for this comment. Not even the slightest. That was purely provocation. But don’t forget that Vendetta isn’t so guilt free either.

No, I’m not going to pursue this anymore. It’s obvious nothing’s going to change. I just think that we can cease with the personal attacks. If anyone wants to debate (about gender issues and entertainment, not who is right and wrong), come to my thread instead. We’ll hold all of the debates there.

I guess it’s easier to dismiss this as I’m a guy, so I don’t care so much for just having a male character to play.
Oh well, I really liked the idea and the execution of the game though.

“Typical of male normative attitudes on the internet.”

not really, just me making an error (i knew canisa was a she, but I absent mindedly typed he instead of she)

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sorry if I offended you, I didn’t mean to