Life of a Mobster



It is out on iOS:


“New Daria Wizards!” I love these subtle allusions to Life of a Wizard :slight_smile:


I’m halfway through and I’m proud to say that I haven’t been injured, I haven’t used any violence at all, and I haven’t even used my gun yet :stuck_out_tongue: (and I didn’t even have to kill anyone to become a made man, because my gang family thought I killed the couple, when I didn’t xD) mwuahahah!


Just finished it. It was good, didn’t find any errors and I really liked that I played to my playstyle, charming people into giving me money.

Another good title for CoG.


I found a typo:

"A half our later we found the three of us in a back alley behind a seedy looking bar.:


Just picked up a copy. Looking forward to giving this a whirl. I will post my thoughts later. Congratulations on the release.


Three playthroughs later and still couldnt romance Alex ~X(

Another great game @Lucid


just picked it up,its pretty good

on a side note, at the end i tried to negotiate peace and i had 100 persuasion and 2 familys that needed convinced,after persuading the first,the option to persuade the other didnt show up when i chose to address them,just to intimidate them which i couldnt do because that stat was to low,is this intentional?


Your relationship with that family probably sucked. I have gone through about 5 playthroughs now. Awesome! I will probably regret playing into the wee hours of the night at work today but I couldn’t put this down.


Life of a Mobster debuted at #35 in Roleplaying on iOS today!

I see that the demo is now up too.

@Matteller I don’t usually comment on gameplay. But, just so you know it’s not a bug, the high persuasion let’s you get one family on your side that doesn’t like you. Since you can’t offer that same perk to a second family, it only works once. Likewise with intimidate, it gets past one family, not two.

@Samuel_H_Young I was hoping someone would notice the football team. :slight_smile:


Had my first play through of the demo, loving the various ways things can go so far and that’s jut the first chapter! Definitely has the same level of quality as your other games.


#35 is amazing!


Is the best out of the romance with Alex/Alexis just that you hook up at the hotel? Is it impossible to date or marry Alex/Alexis at all? I’ve tried a few playthroughs and that’s been the best I can get out of them so I wanted to confirm for sure if that’s it or if there’s another way so I can go try the outcomes with the other characters.


Yes, and even that was grudgingly. :slight_smile: Alex/Alexis is happily married! :wink:


Just bought it, did one playthrough and I like it allot.


Ahhh thank you for the confirmation! I totally thought we could’ve at least hooked up with Alex/Alexis in highschool so I kept thinking I might’ve went wrong somewhere around there orz.


Mobster is #5 on the role playing ranking on Apple!


Can someone post a ending guide or something? I want to complete all endings but I only got three out of all no matter how times I play.


The important thing is to know when to shoot and when to hold your fire, if you want the best two endings (Good Life and Boss of Bosses).

Real hitmen know how to use silencers.

Also, Persuasion is probably the most useful single skill in the game.


Definitely. I was a very persuasive character and I never got hurt, and I rarely ever used violence. (I only did once when I assassinated the Martinez family’s boss, but I’m gonna go back and read it again without killing anyone.)