Life of a Mobster



Did 3 playthroughs and got the no escape ending all the time.
But have to say this game is very good, wirth the wait.


My character is very persuasive and I never got any close to the two best endings, I really want them.


I got the suburbian ending. What do you think the two best ones are?


How do I get the g-man ending and the senator ending?


@Samuel: The ones I mentioned as “the two best endings,” probably.

If you’re going for Good Life, kill no bosses and try to kiss the asses of the other families. You need to be bosom-buddies with at least two and preferably three, and you want to have Persuasion and Intimidation maxed.

If you’re going for Boss of Bosses, there’s only one way to get that, and it’s to murder everyone in your way. Take every chance you get to murder a boss, max Firearms skill, and Fighting if you can.

The G-Man ending requires you to be an FBI Agent, which requires you to get a college education and flip early.

Not telling about the Senator ending. Make that happen yourself!


What is the Hollywood ending?


You unite the mob by making a movie out of them and retire to Hollywood.


That’s awesome 0.0


Yea!! Finally got the FBI ending!!


My favorite is Senator ending by far, imagine a Mara trying to be Usa president. The Hollywood is ok same FBI president.


I’ll try to get the senator ending next.


I got the good life ending. Anyone got the boss of bosses ending?


Yeah, got a few endings but not the boss of bosses ending, any help ?


Said how to get Boss of Bosses above. I did forget to mention that you need a crewmember at 95%+ relationship. (Which usually means your kid.)


Mobster cracked the top 100 for ALL games with a peak of 89! Sweet.

Here’s a great site:


That’s amazing :slight_smile: good job! And it’s awesome how Paradox Factor, Life of a Wizard, AND Life of a Mobster are all in the top 4 HGs!

And that site is so useful :0


@ramidel How do u unite the mob?


@Nikmou: Superior firepower.


@Ramidel yeah i know, but you also need to have certain other skills when you confront them at the end, at least thats how it worked for me, had guns and fighting at the top but i was low or medium in my other skills.


No, you don’t. Here’s the complete mechanic for becoming Boss of Bosses.

-You need at least one made man (one of the two survivors of Freddie, Jimmy and Dana) at 95% relation, or a child in the mob, to take out Don Harcourt. Failure here leads to No Escape.
-Once that’s done, you need to either have killed all four bosses already (possible) or to kill them on the scene. Firearms and Fighting of 100 each allow you to make a single boss kill at the end. Failure here leads to Bitter Boss.
-Once all five of the Five Families bosses are wearing wooden kimonos, you’re capo di tutti capi, baby.