Playing as the Henchman? (Interest check)

A game idea that I thought of as I futz about with Choicescript. Essentially, you are an ‘evil’ hench(wo)man that gets hired by the through the Evil intern agency. You’re either their head thug (the one who cracks skulls), or their scientist (mad or otherwise). Possibly you could also be their ‘face’, the one that recruits other hench-people and speaks with other villains. Of course your boss is a romance option (which has never backfired ever), plus the hero, the sidekick, maybe a few others. I wouldn’t expect a demo even remotely soon, as I’m still sort of fumbling my way through everything at the moment…


Hy that’s pretty good

Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile: but a mad scientist? How about a angry mad scientist like in sean of the sheep? :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah that’s definatley the line I’d find most interesting to play.

Mwahahaha, my art class mafia( one of my friends in my art class was Italian so we all came up with a mafia and I’m kinda curvy so I became Big Mama, the cannibal. It was quite funny) can finally happen. I will be Big Mama the meanest mafia henchwoman of all time!!!


I think it’d be pretty neat to play as a hench-person! “Oh God… seriously… the boss is doing a monologue, AGAIN!? /facepalm” :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I almost forgot about the monologues! What is wrong with me!?

I am totally down for being a beleaguered henchwoman/mad scientist! So long as I won’t be immediately killed for sassing them.


What their saying yaa

That sounds like a really good idea!

You know that they have to be thinking that or something similar…lol

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I like the idea of being the big bad’s “#1 guy.” I could easily see myself as the beleaguered and snarky sidekick to the ridiculously hammy overlord (though in that scenario, would the #2 be an old friend or is the big bad just really open to criticism? There probably has to be something to keep them from killing us when going down the path of snark).


I was just sitting here thinking of my romance variables when this thread came to me and I thought. “Omg, just imagine the romanceof this game. Date the boss or maybe betray the boss and go for a police officer. :heart_eyes: You could overthrow the boss with your lover, imagine the possibilities.”
And then I immediately came here to share this romance idea. I’m a pans teen with raging hormones rip.


Yeah I’d play as a henchmen it sounds like a fun premise.

Well this is interesting, and something I am by no means opposed to. I’ve always liked the idea of playing as a character who wouldn’t really be classed as the ‘main’ character. I wish you luck in writing your game.


Sounds really interesting and different

Sounds like it has great potential. I would love to be the loyal soldier henchman. Whatever the Boss says, I do.

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Lol. I was just saying on another thread that the idea of playing as a sidekick/henchman instead of the main hero/villain is really interesting. Sidekicks and henchmen often end up being a lot more interesting than their bosses, since their motivations aren’t always clear.

Yeah, I’d definitely be interested. I think it’s a really clever idea and offers a lot of possibilities for character development. :blush:


It could work, sure of it.
I suggest na optional ending where you take the evil business for yourself, by the way.

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i am quite interested im on board

this sounds awesome.