Revel- A W.I.P

I have come up with an idea for a game and I have the first scene done on paper. I thought it would be good to announce it now so I would be able to post updates and such.
The story takes place in the Kingdom of Duress a prosperous nation that, despite its cheery look is a very dark nation at heart. You are the servant of the royal family, but you will soon find out a truth about them that will change your outlook about not only the empire, but the whole world.
I need help with this project because not only am I new to coding but I need two more stats, and I get unmotivated very easily. Please for the sake of this project, support me!

Usagi !_!

I would help but have four projects started and seven more waiting. I write to slow for so so many plot bunnies running around in my head lol. Good writing to you and hope to see something soon.

LOL I should probably call them back now.

Usagi !_!

As long as the pages in the game don’t end with “Usagi !_!” I’m interested.

No I rather like the company and its nice and fuzzy up there in my brain.:slight_smile:

@Shoelip don’t worry only one page will and you will barely even notice it.

Double Usagi !_!

For the sake of knowledge here are my current stats

And Stealth.

I want two more stats that will define my character and make the system easier.

Wan ?_?


Coding practice:

You see a light before you
----- *Choice
-------- #Run towards it!
----------- You see the light of purification which gives you eternal peace.
----------- *finish
-------- #Light is scary, run away!!!
----------- The darkness swallows you with abandon. You are never seen again.
----------- *finish

As I said, practice. This has no bearing on the game.

Someone please check if this is right, as I am not able to test it at this time.

Usagi !_!

Close, but that’s not quite right.

Remember to keep an eye on your indentation. ChoiceScript isn’t picky about how much you indent as long as you keep it consistent.

A corrected version with explanation:
You see a light before you *Choice (<- choices should be even with what was written before them) --#Run towards it! (<- the fewer indention, the easier to keep track of. I'm using 2) ----You see the light of purification which gives you eternal peace. (<-2 more indents) ----*finish (<- the same number as above) --#Light is scary, run away!!! (<- 2 indention to keep it even with the previous choice) ----The darkness swallows you with abandon. You are never seen again. (<-2 more) ----*finish (<- same as above)
I’m sorry if that was confusing, but I hope it helps.

Nope that was really helpful :smiley:
Now to find a format

Usagi !_!

Use notepad++

Bumping this up again because I still need two more stats for the game before I start.

mercil and crulty

Good but no. Look at the ones above for reference.

Usagi !_!

I thought it would be good i cannt see a anything else so i had to guess

Aceint knowedge possible magical in nature or old tech
Lore of local land to help you survive if you have to flee

You can find a pretty good list of commonly used stats here.

Which ones you should use is largely dependent on what direction you want to take your game.

Why do you need more stats just roll with the ones you have if the new stats don’t fit with your story you probobly don’t need them