Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated


No Kyubi in Yo Kai Watch only has 8 tails because he has to earn his 9th by collecting 100 hearts from 100 girls but as he only has 99 so far he has to get another one to become what he calls a “Senior Fox”. Unfortunately tho girl he chose he has actually got a crush on so it’s difficult for him to get it, so basically what @a_shoggoth sails about Kitsune is right really.
Anyway back on topic :smile:



Kinda like how in the Chinese nine tails story the fox trained for like a million years? And what I really meant was that in a lot of manga and anime it’s typically a nine tailed fox.

On the whole nine/eight tails and yokai subject it would be cool if we could meet one in the game.

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I don’t know the specifics of kitsune biology, but iirc the conversion rate is somewhere along the line of 100 years = 1 tail



I though that (only going by the books here people) that a Kitsune typically got their tails by how many people they have made to sin. I think it’s 50= 1 tail I think but don’t know…I could be wrong :sweat_smile:.
TBH my alter ego would love to romance a Kitsune, but that’s for the authors to decide the possibilities of that happening after all :smile:

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To be honest I don’t actually know the story all that well, I learned it a number of years ago so the exact details are a little foggy so take what I say with a pinch of salt.

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I am totally with you there my friend, though personally my mc would prefer a yuki onna(I probably butchered the spelling of that).

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Nah you got it right



That’s good, at least I got something right today😅



If you guys are interested in learning about yokai. Go on yokai.com, it’s a great source about yokai



Hehehe no worries guys~ most of the things you mentioned will be implemented c: especially about the ROs

But there will be a slight delay in the demo update TwT so sorry~



What species are the ROs? Yokai, human or Omni?



I think onmyouji falls to the human category, unless you are implying that onmyouji aren’t human… :cold_sweat:

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Well, they are in between And Yokais.



I usually think of them as human, they just know some magic. You wouldn’t call Harry Potter a monster now would you? Though there are some Onmyouji that are half-yokai. For example, Abe no Seimei’s mother was supposed to be a kitsune



Would you like me to spoil the fun of knowing your potential ROs already xD or would you guys like to discover them yourself >w< Sorry for such a delay, been trying to get some game graphics done C;



im not sure… half of me want to know the potential RO… and half others need more time to prepare myself before knowing it :grin: lol, guess i’ll replay the demo efore i decide~ (already forgot most of the story)

Edit : i guess this is not the time to reveal the potential RO yet :grin: just let the hype for now~



I like to know the potential Ro, but i wait untill there more of the story before I fully like to know



For some reason I have a feeling that one of the RO will either be a kitsune, a Yuki onna, or if the author is manga savvy then it might even be a rokurokubi

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I hope that a kistune is a Ro now that u mention it



Idk, Im kind of bored of kitsune, they’re like a cliche these days. I would personally prefer a Rokurokubi, I think they make for a more interesting RO. Not to mention they’re a breath of fresh air