Looking for an artist

i am looking for an artist who can make pictures for my game ninjas: the 2 worlds, i will give you credit for your work by putting your name on the credits
if you want to help post a piece of your work in the comments

sorry my bad can someone change this to work in progress its not a affair to court lol

i mean change it to general or wat ever topic it fallls under ahhh iam so dumb

Meh’ Assassinsy Ninja Peeps, feel free to use…

no i need lots of picture so like i need a full time artist

Ok, no problem. If you don’t find one, feel free to use them or this one :wink:

lol your pics are awsome but i need someone who can make many pics for me

Realistic or no?

y can you paint too?

well deosnt matter as long as it makes sense i can be realistic or unrelistic

Not painting, no. but faces are my specialty, only realistic drawings though.

well i need full pics like for example a man goin into a portal

Nope not my kind of drawing

no prob anyways i think you should focus more on your own game and finish it u know y :slight_smile:

Yes, yes i do. :wink:

any one else willing to help???

help artist needed

Perhaps, @irule9344 you should PM sir KageTehVamp ?

@KageTehVamp ???//
is he availible???

I believe he was working with CJW but he did say he was able to work multiple projects…